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Is effective altruism overlooking human happiness and mental health? I argue it is.

Outstanding post and comments. Thank you, please keep up the good work.

The only RCT into Give Directly showed their cash transfers had no long-term effect on life satisfaction scores.

I think you mean, the Give Directly RCT did not examine whether cash transfers has a long-term effect on life satisfaction.

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The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread – September 2016

Does anyone have questions for or information to give to World Health Organization staff at the Geneva HQ?

I'm doing an internship there and I figure I could set up a meeting to ask EA relevant questions or give EA info if it would be of interest to that staff person too.

Questions/content around country-cooperation are most appropriate, since that's the area of my internship.

What happened?

Where I Am Donating in 2016

You mentioned that you asked various charities questions. Can you give an indication of how easy or difficult it was to solicit information from various organisations? And, if that appears sensitive to the wording of your messages? Thank you.