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Our plans for hosting an EA wiki on the Forum
  1. I can't find the exact location right now, but someone on LW made a web visualization of EA academic papers - lines between papers representing citations. I was thinking something like this could be done for the forum in general with hyperlinks but it might be cooler to do it with the wiki. The thought behind it outside of just being a cool visualization is that many thoughts come in clusters and being able to visualize the thoughtspace you're in might help you breakthrough plateaus more easily and visualize how things connect within ea.
  2. more of an open question but I think its relevant to think about how atomic you make the pages, as in how much ideas are embedded/hyperlinked vs written out in full.
Our plans for hosting an EA wiki on the Forum

What would be worthy of an up vs down? I was thinking something along this line also though, but my thought was rank them based on didactic potential according to an SNT framework - If you think it is a really important concept(S) but not many people know about it(N), and people would be interested if they did find out (T), this is the highest priority page. 

Is this what you meant by best books or were you just thinking rank them by how much you liked them?

Deference for Bayesians

I thought your moderate drinking point was very interesting and connected some dots in my head. It seems plausible that the vast majority of causal relations are mild. If this is the case the majority of causality could be ‘occurring’ through effects too small to call significant. I guess that could seem pretty obvious but it isn’t something I ever heard talked about in my econometrics class nor in my RAing.

2020 Top Charity Ideas - Charity Entrepreneurship

Thanks for the post. Good to see some investment in the risk loving side of things. However, I am a little disappointed that none of these charities are long-term related or meta. I'm not super hardlined, but there is soft consensus in the EA community that these things are important. Just wondering if anyone knows why charity-entrepreneurship doesn't prioritize these things? I could see the argument that it is hard to run a long-term focused charity, though I haven't thought much on it. Is there another incubator that focuses on these areas? Otherwise it seems like a really promising area to push for.

As a side note, I agree with Misha that I could see decentralized mental health type things being cause-y, would love to see more done in this area. Anyone looking in this direction might want to check out , which tries to apply behavioral research to help people "stick" to their goals.