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Unsolicited Career Advice

How do you know out of that hundred whether the applicant is EA motivated or not? It's not the kind of thing I would put in a cover letter (when it could be substituted for a more concrete statement about why the org's work is important). Nor would it be obvious on a CV unless they had led a chapter or something. Although clearly p*100 <= 100...

4RyanCarey2yCover letters to core EA orgs from EAs generally indicate interest in EA. It's sometimes also indicated by involvement in EA groups, through a CV, by referral sources, and by interviews. You can pretty reliably tell.
Unsolicited Career Advice

Thanks. Interesting perspective. I'd love to know how many applications these orgs get on average for such roles. I guess my bet implies low hundreds, and I'd have to recalibrate if it were tens or thousands.

Hundreds of EA applicants? Most EA org roles don't have that... I've been in/around MIRI, Ought, FHI and many other EA orgs. It's common to have about a hundred applicants for a role (research or ops) and the number of EA applicants is usually in the tens.