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Does 80,000 Hours focus too much on AI risk?

Thank you for the thoughtful response, Howie. :)

That said, I do see how the page might give the impression that AI dominates 80k’s recommendations since most of the other paths/problems talked about are ‘meta’ or ‘capacity building’ paths.

Indeed. When Todd replied earlier that only 2 of the 9 paths were directly related to AI safety, I have to say it felt slightly disingenuous to me, even though I'm sure he did not mean it that way. Many of the other paths could be interpreted as "indirectly help AI safety."... (read more)

What are your top papers of the 2010s?

The following list is highly biased towards EA authors. That's not to say that non-EA authors haven't done a lot of important work. It just means that I haven't read it. I'm only including articles that haven't been mentioned by others so far.

In philosophy:

Several of Nick Bostrom's papers are insightful. I'm not going to discuss them one-by-one because it would take too long. :-) Even though I don't agree with all of his arguments, they have nonetheless influenced my thinking.

"On the Overwhelming Importa... (read more)