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A bunch of reasons why you might have low energy (or other vague health problems) and what to do about it


Thanks for sharing your experiences Alex!

I'd add that forms of daytime and sleep disordered breathing (usually linked to small airways and small/retrognathic jaws) are massively underdiagnosed, especially in young thin females. You don't need to have OSA to suffer from chronic, mild hypoxia. That is, your body is always slightly oxygen starved. Stands to reason that your ability to push through stress is much lower when the is body is chronically stressed and oxygen starved. A bad night's sleep will hit you much harder and you'll take longer to recover.

I've spend a decade chasing an underlying cause for my legion health issues and found it (in roughly the same amount of time it would have taken me to get a medical degree). Still beat the actual doctors though. It bugs me how common these experiences are.  Dr's certainly carry around more medical knowledge in their noggins than we do, but their ability to think critically and independently is (in most cases) staggeringly poor. They seem to treat highly intelligent patients, who are hoping to big-picture strategise, with scorn and suspicion. They seem much happier when we bleat in acquiescence and take the drugs they give us, even when their prescriptions make absolutely no sense.

Big thumbs up for: "Get a better doctor, try a few different ones, or otherwise take responsibility for your own health rather than expecting doctors to figure out your health issues for you."