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Please complete a survey to influence EU animal protection policies

Thank you for sharing your commentary for the final question. Here I copy mine for inspiration:

"I additionally request ban of octopus farming, fur farming, forced feeding for ducks and geese, more protection for fish and invertebrates, and traditional/leisure activities involving animal suffering such as whaling, bullfighting and bull running, cock fighting, dog fighting, horse fighting, or dog sledding."

Digital People Would Be An Even Bigger Deal

I’ve read the whole series of posts and agree with most things, about these technologies coming soonish and that we need to pay more attention to them to avoid bad outcomes. But regarding “these effects could be a very good or a very bad thing”, I can only agree with the latter – I can’t imagine that the scenarios described can be a good thing.

Did you ever get something very easily and wished it’d have been harder to get? Why do some people like baking if it’d be much easier to just go to the bakery? I bet that when you eat your own cake you feel more fulf... (read more)