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What EA projects could grow to become megaprojects, eventually spending $100m per year?

I'm late to this, but I wonder if Charles' analysis ought to extend beyond private prisons to address all the ways in which prisons and jails have come to privatize essential services. This includes telephone calls and digital communication, which are largely controlled by a legal monopoly, along with medical treatment and food preparation.

The hyperlinked stories and legal cases are but a few examples of the potentially life-altering negative outcomes that have come out of privatization. One of the major challenges with combating this trend is that do... (read more)

3Charles He9mo
This is a great and deep comment. I think it’s extremely generous to call my little blurb above an “analysis”. I am not informed and I am not involved in this area of prison or justice reform. I’m writing this because I don’t want anyone to “wait” on me or anyone else. If you are reading this and want to dedicate some time on this cause or intervention, you should absolutely do so! Again, thanks for this comment.