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Systemic change, global poverty eradication, and a career plan rethink: am I right?

Thank you for writing up your notes and thoughts on this book! I hadn't heard of it before, and have since read it. A lot to think about and research - I'd be interested in sharing notes and may write some posts looking into specific claims he made in the book.

How to give as you earn in the UK? GAYE vs. GiftAid

Does the organisation you're giving to allow you to set up a regular direct debit with Gift Aid? I'm pretty sure EA Funds does this, so anything you can donate to through there would be as easy administratively as doing the GAYE scheme, and I don't think there's any fee.

The real benefit from the GAYE scheme would come once you're looking at claiming back tax for yourself (i.e. when you start paying more than Basic Rate tax). And even at this point there are other options. When I was giving fixed amounts on a monthly basis a few ye... (read more)

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Thanks a lot for this response. I would probably donate through EA funds, so yes that should work. It seems like doing that with GiftAid will be a better bet than GAYE in my case then. The tip about HMRC is really useful to know - I have a friend who is giving regularly through GAYE and paying the 4% fee who is in a higher tax bracket, so I've recommended that he try this instead.
Be the Match: a volunteer list for bone marrow donation

Worth noting (some of these are also mentioned in my other comment, with sources there):

1. If you're male and 16-30 (a significant proportion of EAs), the chance of being asked to donate is more like 1 in 200.

2. I'd say the time cost of registering is closer to 15 minutes than an hour. Personally I filled in the form at work during my lunch break, and spent a few minutes doing the cheek swab at home.

3. It's not clear that not doing a transplant would be cheaper for healthcare systems than doing the transplant. In general, complications for... (read more)

Be the Match: a volunteer list for bone marrow donation

Thanks for posting about this. I spent some time looking into bone marrow transplants a few years ago when a friend needed one.

I'm on the register, and I would donate if asked to. This is definitely at least partly driven by my personal experiences, but aside from that I suspect that for anyone who's not self-employed or doing direct work (or studying) it probably makes sense to join the register from a cost-effectiveness point of view.

Some useful considerations, at least some of which haven't already been mentioned by other commenters:

  • If
... (read more)

This paper here might have some useful info for a cost-effectiveness analysis ( see Table 11 "Benefits and Costs to World Population of 1,000 Additional Adult Registrants"

Lives Saved

Caucasian 0.00669

Black 0.00668

Asian 0.01940

U.S. Hispanic 0.00538

You'd need ~50k to 100k people to spend 10 mins each to save one life.

Open Thread #39

Cool! Who would you say is the target audience for this? Is it suitable for people who are very new to EA?

Open Thread #39

Have you had any updates on this? This topic came up at a recent meetup I was at; I'd be interested in reading/contributing.

Nope. Its been a long time now and I had almost forgotten about it! I guess this means we should start one...
Open Thread #39

Worth keeping an eye on this for potentially relevant projects:

Open Thread #39

Do you know if anyone has done a more recent analysis of this kind of thing? He lists quite a few caveats/reservations at the end of this post.

An easy way for charities to increase revenue: Add Apple Pay and Google Pay to donation checkout

Cool! Are there no extra charges associated with Google Pay or Apple Pay?

I think not - but you still have to pay the actual payment processor. The easiest ones to use are Stripe and Braintree, and they aren't cheap (around 2.9% + 30¢ or so), which might put charities off using them. That said, it may be worth the expense if it means people donate who would otherwise get lost at the 'checkout' process.