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Currently freelancing in the cyptro space. Also working on decentralized social impact protocols. Thinking of starting my own.

Previously a member of various early stage startups in business development, marketing and strategy roles.

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NFT Sale for GiveDirectly

Hi Ivy, I appreciate you commenting. I don't have any issues with being downvoted. I could be wrong for going out and doing this.  Also, I should've been more explicit in the post.

I think your views on this are correct as well. When you look at Peter Singer's NFT drop, there was a lot of perceived value for the unique art piece posted. That alone raised ~8.5-9k. I think there's certainly a use case for members who are well off, especially when looking at the greater marketplace. More unique art drives more value... thus creating less use of the associated technologies that might have negative effects on the environment (I'm not an expert on this).


Per the points you made:

1. I did my best to not explicitly mention EA in the article. I will go back and review. I know this isn't the most pressing topic, so I didn't want it to look like I was doing this on behalf of any org associated with EA. I wanted to share here for any feedback. I only know a few members who are active in the crypto space.

2. Totally agree. This was a passive activity and just something I wanted to do. I've reached out to a few people in the community about this, and while some found it interesting, it's not of great value atm. I'll continue to work on similar things in the Web3 space and see if/how they might translate over in the future.

3. The primary reason I picked GiveDirectly is because I've typically given to them.  They also accept Ether. I thought of AMF, but when I went to their site, they only accept Bitcoin (I believe?) for cryptocurrencies. Again, since the was a passive activity, I just went with my gut and did what I thought was right in the moment.


"I actually think this is less of a risk with actual art. It is more human, and art makes people's hearts soften." -- I would agree with regards to higher net worth donors.


Looking back on it, I should've kept this out of EA associated channels. Again thanks for commenting and bringing some of this to light. I appreciate your time.


Effective Crypto | Future State

effectivecrypto.org - it's an EA program that encourages donating crypto to five cause areas.

Effective Crypto | Future State

Thanks Jonas! I'm currently taking a break from full-time work to focus on Web3 projects. Happy to invest some time in this area to prepare for another bull run. Let me know what you think.