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Request For Proposals: EA Animal Welfare Fund

Can academic researchers apply for the Animal Welfare Fund?

Definitely! :)
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I joined the SHIPs ( program and came up with a few project ideas that I think are worth pursuing, but I don't have the background to do them effectively. The following are some of my ideas that I encourage others to consider working on:

Default Advocacy: Advocating (via sending emails and/or calling) to people of influence to set the altruistic option as the default (to take advantage of the default effect since people are less likely to opt in/out of something if... (read more)

2Aaron Gertler1y
1. These seem like policies that, while they have "defaults" in common, would be handled by entirely different parts of a country's government (and different state governments, etc.). Any one of these projects could be a reasonable thing for a group of people to try, but I don't think there are many logistical similarities to match the conceptual similarities. 2. The Behavioural Insights Team [] might be among the best people to talk to to understand what "default"-esque policies are currently being worked on. They've implemented many similar policies in the UK (though I'm not sure how much Obama's American version of this got done while he was in office).
Make a $10 donation into $35

I just donated $10 but didn't see the $25 credit applied anywhere on my "Payments" tab

I see you joined via my link, but also see that you somehow joined somewhat differently than everyone else (on my Joins tab [] it says you "joined William Kiely", but does not say this for anyone else on my Joins tab) . I'm not sure what's going on. Anyway, I'll PM you a $25 gift card now that you can give to a charity of your choice. (I have a few of these for an independent reason.)