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To add a datapoint, I've told a lot of my non-ea friends (e.g from shared game communities) about EA, and a good portion (majority?) of them are teens

What if you weight them by number of neurons? (Though we don't actually know whether capacity to generate qualia scales with neuron count; it could be that it's easy to do, and we suffer no more than chickens or even ants, for example.) 

this is great, thanks! listening is so much easier for me; i can easily listen and comprehend for 8+ hours a day, but with reading i get distracted easily after less than an hour, partly because the act of scanning words takes active focus, but comprehending and thinking are easy for me. (i might have something adhd-adjacent)

i was looking into ai text-to-speech readers before, since there's lots i'd like to read, but i couldn't find a good one. (https://www.naturalreaders.com/online/ is okay, but not ideal for me, not near the quality of solenoid entity's readings of the sequences.)

Hey, is this still a thing? I was just thinking there should be microgrants for AI x-risk researchers