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Post is on the bottom, though I guess not very noticeable. [] Since I wrote that, it got another few hundred recommendations. The launch went far better than I expected (may still be going?), will write a summary later.
EA-commercials on national TV in Norway - for free!

Has there been any progress on this since July? If so, could we get an update? The Life You Can Save has a media outreach program that might have interest in collaborating:

Hi! I am working on this project now here is an update: Our goal is to get the video on TV and launch the website 15. May (Whit Sunday). We are still looking for a team to make the video. If you want to contribute in some way, please send me an email at []. Timeline: End of February – Assemble a team for the video production. 1. March – Idea/sketch/story board ready for the board to comment/approve. 2. April – Video is finished. 3. April – Deadline for submission to the TV channels (but sooner is better). 4. May – Video aired on TV.
Aim high, even if you fall short

Tofutti is amazing, better than regular ice cream. And there are many other brands out there in the US and around the world – just check the freezer isle in Trader Joes and organic/health food stores