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Paper Ballots in the 2020 US Election

What are concrete actions that you think EAs can do to help with this?

If EAs decide to lobby state legislatures, they should focus on Pennsylvania and Florida, the two swing states where a significant proportion of voters use a Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machine without a Voter Verified Paper Audit Trial (VVPAT): []
EAGx Relaunch

Thanks! This makes sense.

EAGx Relaunch

Awesome! Glad to hear that EAGx is still happening. I think it makes a lot of sense to pivot away from having many EAGx conferences of variable quality to a few high quality ones.

While we continue to think that this is an important function, CEA believes that, at least at the moment, our efforts to improve the world are bottlenecked by our ability to help promising people become fully engaged, rather than attracting new interest.

I'm curious what prompted this change - did organizers encounter a lot of difficult converting new conference attendees to m... (read more)

They were often stretched so thin from making the main event happen that they didn't have the capacity to ensure that their follow-up events were solid. We think part of the problem will be mitigated if the events themselves are smaller and more targeted towards groups with a specific level of EA understanding. Local groups can apply for funding through the EAGx funding application, as well as use the event-organizing resources we generated for EAGx. Depending on the size and nature of the event, they can receive individualized support from different CEA staff working on community development, such as Harri, Amy, Julia, and/or Larissa. If they're running a career or rationality workshop they may be able to get 80,000 Hours' or CFAR's advice or direct support. Here are the event-organizing resources, if you'd like to check them out: []
I am curious about this too. In particular it feels to me that post event follow at EAGxs I have been to was weak. Does CEA think this is true of EAGxs to date? If so there a plan to improve on this? If there is not a plan can I offer my help to CEA to develop one?
My current thoughts on MIRI's "highly reliable agent design" work

Not super relevant to Peter's question, but I would be interested in hearing why you're bullish on the Far Future EA Fund.

My current thoughts on MIRI's "highly reliable agent design" work

My suspicion is that MIRI agrees with you - if you read their job post on their software engineering internship, it seems that they're looking for people who can rapidly prototype and test AI Alignment ideas that have implications in machine learning.

I am Nate Soares, AMA!

What do you think of popular portrayals of AI-risk in general? Do you think there's much of a point either in trying to spread broad awareness of the issue? Do you think that any such efforts ultimately do more harm than good, and that we should try to keep AI-risk more secretive?

For example, are things like like Ex Machina, which doesn't really present the full AI arguement, but does make it obvious that AI is a risk, or Wait But Why's AI posts good?