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Yeah, you can even donate appreciated shares through them! If I had known ahead of time about this match, I would have tried that approach.

Edit 4/8: I called CVS and confirmed that they are not using "live or work in the county" as a restriction.

Per, many of the rural counties within a few hours drive of the Bay restrict vaccines to people who live or work in the county.


Eligibility: Sacramento County residents who are 65+, as well as people who live or work in Sacramento County


County restrictions: Must be a Fresno county resident or work in Fresno county


County restrictions:  The Placer County Public Health Division is currently c

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Sounds like a fun project, but I'm skeptical that this would be widely used.

As a user of the tool, would I be able to see how much had been donated to each candidate? If I support candidate X and I learn or infer that very few candidate Y supporters have donated, then I would have a high expectation that my money would go to candidate X rather than charity. The gamification effect of trying to out-donate my opponent would be weaker.

I think there is a high possibility that the tool would primarily attract the attention of left-leaning people. One reason for... (read more)