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Hello, my name  Lilin. Someone with little technical experience and overwhelmed with inspiration.  One of many who will benefit from the direction tech is headed in as long as it's in the hands of those who mean well to others rather than those primarily motivated by their self elevation. I grew up alongside the  internet's maturity under a father who was obbsessed with google's potential long before their IPO.  Given access to the web rather early I saw an explotion of information and culture given platform and resources to thrive until its encroaching commodification. Then In 2014, 2017 and 2021 I saw a similar explotion and demand for maturity inspired by the successes of Satoshi.  Now in 2023, at least from my perspective, an unthinkably complex demand for maturity will inevitably be seen thanks to openAI's approach to empowering the everyday person by giving them access to the kind of tools only previously only seen trickled down the hegemony of our digital foodchain.  The outcome of accelarating this maturity through carefully curated and prudent design causes me to work on what I care about. Inspired by the lack there of where there is suffering. 

I hope to learn more and contribute. I'm excited to be a part of this community