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Upon briefly contemplating my own perspective on insects after reading this, it dawned on me that perhaps it is the comprehensible behavior and reactions of creatures that resonate with our minds and elicit emotions.

Animals like cats, dogs, and hamsters perceive their surroundings in a manner akin to our own. They interpret similar stimuli as threats, resources, and more. While they may not communicate verbally, their actions and reactions are readily relatable. In a way, their behavior communicates with us, conveying emotions like confusion, fear, curiosity, and others. Furthermore, their conduct serves as a form of universal language between us, such as a dog's bark signaling potential danger or a herd of mammals fleeing in a certain direction indicating a likely threat from that direction.

Insects, conversely, experience their environment in profoundly distinct ways. To grasp what they undergo would be comparable to shrinking down to the size of a marble, where refrigerators appear as colossal monuments, and gentle breezes feel like perilous gales.

Hence, lacking a shared environmental experience, their actions and reactions fail to resonate with us, and they lack any semblance of a common language. Consequently, they do not engage our minds and evoke emotions.

Thank you for highlighting the potential benefits of utilizing review services like Glass Door within the Effective Altruism (EA) movement. The points you raise regarding matching, accountability, hidden factors, and knowledge gaps are indeed significant. By providing detailed reviews of EA organizations, individuals can make more informed decisions about their career choices, leading to better workplace matches and potentially reducing turnover and frustration.

While there are some valid concerns, such as the possibility of gaming the system and the risk of organizations prioritizing employee satisfaction over impact, I believe that encouraging reviewers to consider both aspects can help maintain a balance. Reviews that encompass a holistic perspective, including benefits and organizational self-criticism, can provide valuable insights for potential employees.

Regarding reputational damage to the EA movement, it is unlikely that reviews of EA organizations on Glassdoor would have a negative impact. Glassdoor is widely used across various industries, and leveraging this platform can actually help identify and address poor organizational behaviors earlier, ultimately benefiting the movement as a whole.