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University EA Groups Should Form Regional Groups

Thanks for writing this up! Agree that we should coordinate more on regional level.

City/national groups are often run by adult, professional people, who don't know enough about what it means to run a uni group.

I'm curious, why do you think so?

Many city / national level group organisers started with organising uni groups, and even those who only learned about EA after university have often done some other form of student engagement as well like running other student groups, so I'd guess that the majority of city / national level group organisers do have exp... (read more)

1akrivka15dI should've put more thought into this section. I now realize I was mainly basing my claim on my experience with Czech EA, where almost no one has experience with university groups, and the fact that there are basically no national groups in the US/UK regions (only city groups). National groups can definitely play the role of regional groups in many places extremely well, I just don't think it's a requirement to have one to coordinate as uni groups on the regional level.
Announcing the Open Philanthropy Undergraduate Scholarship

Why only US & UK universities?

This looks potentially very helpful to (foreign) students, thanks for setting this up! 

If you have a moment, I would be curious to hear your reasoning on why this is limited to US & UK universities only. I understand that for many students, their best choice is to study in the US or UK, but for many other students other universities might be a better choice, and this limitation would still bias them towards UK & US universities. 

In addition, there might more be cost-effective opportunities elsewhere, give... (read more)

7Bastian_Stern22dThe main reason is simply that it so happens that most of the very top universities are based either in the UK or the US. (The fact that ETH Zurich is the only non-UK/US university that is in the top-20 on both the QS and Times Higher Education rankings partly reflects this, although my sense is that these rankings have some pretty serious limitations and should be taken with a major pinch of salt.) I also think there are additional benefits associated with attending university in the UK/US, including in terms of opening up career opportunities in the English-speaking world. I agree that ETH has some things going for it and including it might well have been a reasonable choice, although my impression is that its teaching language at the undergraduate level is German, which means that it’s not really a relevant option for the vast majority of potential applicants. In general, the decisions about which universities to include involved a number of debatable judgement calls, so I think there is a decent amount of room for reasonable disagreement on this topic.
1Charles He25dDo you want to see a write up by me, not the OP, that gives some structure/rationalization/justification about why this set of universities was chosen? This is an awkward subject and I think it’s unlikely that you will get a verbose response. I am worried that there will be a lack of response, and this might be create a perception about the objective value of candidates outside this set of universities, despite these beliefs not actually being held strongly by anyone. Instead of this situation, I'd rather produce a balanced write up, that can still be be kicked around (and maybe get explicitly stomped on by the OP).
1BrianTan1moDid you mean to say $12,000/year instead of $1,200/year tuition at ETH Zurich?
6Nathan Young1moI think that ETH Zurich is a particularly good example since it's one place below Imperial. Not sure I'd be convinced of this argument if it was #15, say.
2jlemien1moAgreed. There are top-ranked universities in other countries. Additionally, $X might allow 5 students to attend a good university, or 1 student to attend a great university. I'd suggest learning toward a more "diversified" model in which more students receive funding (a larger number of "bets" are taken).
Is effective altruism growing? An update on the stock of funding vs. people

Agree that this seems neglected. EA Germany (and I personally) are happy to support EA projects that have potential to grow into impactful EA organisations. If you have ideas on how to better do that (within the limited capacity of national group organisers), feel free to get in touch!

(I also agree on the importance of having founders that are value-aligend and have good epistemics, which I think some entrepreneurs are but many others may not be)

The EA events ecosystem: How to get more involved (as a participant)

Thanks for writing this up! 

Cause and career groups like Effective Animal Advocacy or the EA Consulting Network are in my opinion one of the best ways to get involved but they often get overlooked, would they be worth a mention here? 

[Coronavirus] Is it a good idea to meet people indoors if everyone's rapid antigen test came back negative?
  • So meeting someone who tested negative indoors without a mask implies 18%*.02% = 36 microCOVIDs, which is very low.

I'd also be curious to know better estimates to this - have you updated your estimate after these two answers? Or did anyone else update their estimates?

(if you have time to reply, no worries if not)

3Jonas Vollmer5moSensitivity is relative to PCR tests, and tends to be reported quite incorrectly. So unlike I suggested in the OP, I think the adjustment should probably be ~4x and not ~12x.
Where would you look for an EA job applications support group?

Would also recommend asking on the EA Groups Slack. Are you on there yet? The invite link should be somewhere on, but let me know if you can't find it. 

Where would you look for an EA job applications support group?

I think it's worthwhile, and lots of local groups do that already (like EA Berlin). 

Maybe local groups can do most of that as they have the benefit of people being able to meet in person (after corona) and sharing similar culture, job prospects etc, and then everyone who does not have a local group nearby can use EA Anywhere?

1Manuel_Allgaier6moWould also recommend asking on the EA Groups Slack. Are you on there yet? The invite link should be somewhere on, but let me know if you can't find it.
Where would you look for an EA job applications support group?

Maybe the existing EA Career Discussion Facebook group would be a good place to start such peer support groups, and then they could create their own facebook groups / Slack / etc?

1Nathan Young6moI think anyone is welcome to create their own facebook equivalent but I am going to make a discord.
Where would you look for an EA job applications support group?

Whatsapp does not have a "thread-function", so I'd expect this to get chaotic rather quickly. 

Where would you look for an EA job applications support group?

I think you have better chances of success if you use exisiting suitable platforms instead of setting up new ones. 

EA Anywhere seems the best fit for that, so I'd recommend to check with Marisa (EA Anywhere organiser) whether she thinks their Slack would be a good place for this. 

1Nathan Young6moSure but you only have a better chance among the people who are already on the slack. EA anywhere has 176 members. That doesn't seem like that much additional benefit.
Where would you look for an EA job applications support group?

I like that kind of platform, but Slack seems more widely used by EAs compared to Discord. If this gets the most votes, I'd consider checking whether people actually prefer discord or instead rather use Slack. 

1Nathan Young6moI think slack has higher barriers to entry. I'm going to try a discord and if it gets no takeup I can try something else.
1Manuel_Allgaier6moI think you have better chances of success if you use exisiting suitable platforms instead of setting up new ones. EA Anywhere seems the best fit for that, so I'd recommend to check with Marisa (EA Anywhere organiser) whether she thinks their Slack would be a good place for this.
EA Funds is more flexible than you might think

Thanks for elaborating! Your process seems robustly good, and I appreciate the extra emphasis on diverse viewpoints & experts. 

Why EA groups should not use “Effective Altruism” in their name.

Yes, that might lead to better data, but it also requires more time to set up and a larger sample size. I'd leave it up to whoever does this to decide how much time they want to invest and which method to choose. 

EA Funds is more flexible than you might think

Thanks for elaborating! 

> the optimum for the EA ecosystem might still be to have 3-5 large donors  instead of the status quo of 1-3 funders 

Agree on that. One additional thought that came to mind is that if there are indeed 3-5 large donors but they (unkowningly) rely on the views of the same expert for grants in a certain field (e.g. climate advocacy), then Peter's concerns still apply. 

If you have time to elaborate (no worries if not), then I'd be curious about the minimum number of field experts that are consulted when making EA ... (read more)

There's no strict 'minimum number'-- sometimes the grant is clearly above or below our bar and we don't consult anyone, and sometimes we're really uncertain or in disagreement, and we end up consulting lots of people (I think some grants have had 5+).

I will also say that each fund is somewhat intentionally composed of fund managers with somewhat varying viewpoints who trust different sets of experts, and the voting structure is such that if any individual fund manager is really excited about an application, it generally gets funded. As a result, I think in... (read more)

Why EA groups should not use “Effective Altruism” in their name.

I'd guess people's perception depends a lot on the culture, so it might make sense to do surveys just for your university, your city or your country, but not globally.

Such surveys are easy to do via polls in Facebook groups. Just select a group that resembles your target audience (e.g. scholarship networks etc) and do a quick poll on "We're thinking of starting a new organisation. What do you associate with these names?"

2kbog7moBut the answers to a survey like that wouldn't be easy interpret. We should give the same message under organization names to group A and group B and see which group is then more likely to endorse the EA movement or commit to taking a concrete altruistic action.
EA Funds is more flexible than you might think

Thanks a lot for your efforts in making the EA Funds flexible and as valuable as possible, and also making sure everyone is aware of them, really appreciate it!

I think this could go a long way in realizing innovative ideas and helping people get started with their high impact careers & organisations.

Ecosystems vs Projects in EA Movement Building

Both the call and a channel in the EA groups slack seem valuable, and if you actually get people together for a call you could use that as opportunity to ask whether they'd be interested in such an EA groups slack channel or another platform. 

Do you want to do this? Or someone else here? David Nash? 
(I currently lack time to organise things myself, but I'd probably join if someone else organised it)

2Linda Linsefors7moI'm not going to lead this, but would be happy to join.
Ecosystems vs Projects in EA Movement Building

would be nice to have a dedicated chat some for ecosystem organizer

Do you think the EA group organiser slack could be that? In a sense, we're all organising a groups (whether it's a local group or a cause or career group). If you feel like the existing channels there are insufficient one could add a channel for cause or career groups/ecosystems. 

2Linda Linsefors7moI've been told a few time that I belong in the group organizers slack, but never actually felt at home there, because I feel like I'm doing something very different from most group organizers. The main requirement of such a chat is that it attracts other ecosystem organizers, which is a marketing problem more than a logistical problem. There are lots of platforms that would be adequate. Making a separate ecosystem slack channel in the group organizer slack, and marketing it here, may work (30% chance of success), and since it is low effort, it seems worth a try. A some what higher effort, but also higher expected payoff, would be to find all ecosystem organizers, contact them personally and invite them to a group call. Or invite them to fill in a when2meet for deciding when to have said group call.
Ecosystems vs Projects in EA Movement Building

Good thinking! I think I have intuitively been trying to do this for the German EA community, and this post helped me become more clear about it, so thanks for writing it up! 

> Animal welfare

As I understand, Animal Advocacy Careers is trying to support the ecosystem of people working in that field (together with Animal Charity Evaluators and maybe Good Food Institute for alternative protein sources). Where do you see the gap there?

European Master's Programs in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and related fields

This looks like it could be really useful for aspiring AI/ML students, thanks a lot for compiling this! 

Careers Questions Open Thread

Great initiative! 

> If it works well, we could do it each month or so.

Are you planning to do this again? If so, when? I think it would be great if you did. 

If you don't have time, let us know too, then other EA career coaches / mentors could take over (such as CEA community building grantees like me, EA coaches, WANBAM mentors etc.). Maybe those folks would join anyway if you coordinate the date with us beforehand. I do think it would be much  better with your contributions, though. 

The German Effective Altruism Network - recap 2020

EAGx & (online) events plans (as meerpirat asked)

I'm part of the EAGxBerlin 2020 team (which then turned into EAGxVirtual 2020 due to Corona), and yes, as soon as CEA opens EAGx applications (hopefully soon) we plan to apply again and hope to be able to organise an EAGxBerlin 2021 in June or latest July, if Corona allows. A Corona researcher & doctor I talked to gave it a 50% chance of being possible. 

The  (European) EA Unconference 2020 which I organised with Carolin Basilowski went really well indeed, we had 50 participants who rated it... (read more)

Seeking part-time contractor for Facebook group support

Agree, would be great to have all active online EA discussion platforms (Facebook, reddit etc.) moderated at least a little bit to make sure as many people as possible have a good experience engaging with EA content (and not just those on the EA forum). 

Seeking part-time contractor for Facebook group support

Nice to hear that you're planning to devote more time to Facebook group management!

the largest EA-related Facebook group (“Effective Altruism”) has less activity than it could

I just checked, it looks like this group has around one post and several new comments every day. How much are you aiming for? 

To me, the main Facebook group is great but already know seems like a bit too many different discussions in one place and a bit too much happening. If most people check it once a week or less, that would mean 10+ new posts every time they check it, of whic... (read more)

2Aaron Gertler8moThe nice thing about having someone working on the biggest group is that it's a good "test case" for that person (or other such people) playing a similar role in smaller groups. Lots of new content = easier to see whether the work makes an impact. Other notes on this position: * By "less activity", we don't necessarily mean "not enough posts" -- but we think that the average post could get more useful comments than it now does, that the average question could get a more thorough answer, etc. Perhaps the listing should have read "less high-quality activity" or something like that. * People who are just starting out in EA are more likely to come through the main FB group than any other space. A major part of this role is being a "friendly face" for newcomers and giving them a good first impression of EA as a community of helpful people. This doesn't work as well unless the contractor is working where new people tend to gather. In general, I agree that cause-specific groups offer a better and more focused experience general groups on Facebook, but I also think that "Effective Altruism" is the right place to start this new experiment in paid moderation.
CEA update: Q4 2020

Thanks for elaborating! 

In my experience with running EA Berlin since two years, outreach to students seemed worthwhile but outreach on recent graduates / young professionals seemed even more worthwhile, as they were actively thinking about career plans and most keen to apply the EA philosophy right away  (compared to students who will only make career decisions years later and then may or may not take EA considerations into account). They are often in their early twenties too, usually 21-25 y/o. If you're interested in this, I would be happy to ... (read more)

That's interesting - I'm surprised by that and wonder if it's due to some differences between systems? In the UK people often begin to think about internships in their first or second years, and then look for jobs in the 3rd year, so I think there's quite a lot of ability to influence and discuss career plans early on. In the US degrees are longer, but early on people are trying to decide their major which is also a significant career decision. I also think that students have a lot more time and interest in engaging with new things, and they tend to be eas... (read more)

CEA update: Q4 2020

Thank you Max for elaborating! 

Happy to hear that you generally prefer public vacancies too. In my impression, this often has not been the case for EA orgs in the past (and the people who upvoted my comment might feel similar), so it's nice to see you publicly write in favor of that. 

It makes sense that you make those occasional exceptions for specific cases and I agree that they seem worth it to save time as long as it does not compromise too much on accessibility and fairness.

Privacy as a Blind Spot: Are There Long Term Harms in Using Facebook, Google, Slack etc.?

Thanks Aaron for sharing your forum experience, that's useful, and also for your other thoughts!

Quick meta note: Would it make sense to put different arguments in separate comments? That would allow others to upvote your arguments specifically, instead of only upvoting the entire comment while they might only agree with 1-2 out of three points you made. 

3Aaron Gertler8moIt might make sense! I'll try to keep that in mind. Pros: Easier to discuss and vote for separate points Cons: Lots of separate replies and replies-to-replies means lots of notification and a variety of different threads to track; there's a risk that I'm too lazy to split up comments like this
Privacy as a Blind Spot: Are There Long Term Harms in Using Facebook, Google, Slack etc.?

+1 on convenience is also important

I think there is a good chance that many more people would participate in NEAD discussions if NEAD had started with Slack rather than Signal first and then Zulip. Even with Mattermost (arguably more user-friendly & intuitive than Signal and Zulip), there might be differences. Mattermost still uses markdown formatting, and this does not seem intuitive for non-technical people (I found it confusing at first and now I still find it quite inconvenient compared to extra buttons or keyboard shortcuts like "Ctrl + B" for "bo... (read more)

Privacy as a Blind Spot: Are There Long Term Harms in Using Facebook, Google, Slack etc.?

Do all EA orgs need to use the same tools? 

If not, can those with added security needs (e.g. those active in countries with government repression) just use different tools such as Mattermost, Matrix, Nextcloud etc. now, while the rest of the community keeps using whatever works best for them for now (Slack, Google Drive, Facebook etc.)?

1florian-z8moNo, and I hope I didn't imply that there is a one-size-fits-all solution that everybody needs to switch to. Yes, that is of course possible, and I would expect that to happen automatically. Just note that this means in some cases that we will exclude those people with added security needs from community spaces. Things that would make me less worried about "using whatever works best": * switching later is actually easier than I currently think * information becoming available to future adversarial actors is actually not as bad because: * either people are really good at not posting compromising stuff * or there is almost no content that will become problematic in the next years
Privacy as a Blind Spot: Are There Long Term Harms in Using Facebook, Google, Slack etc.?

How costly is switching platforms really?

Mattermost is very similar to Slack (just less features and a bit less intuitive, and it also offers Slack import. Could we use Slack for the next 5-10 years and whenever we reach a point at which the risk of data leakage & restrictions seem higher and/or Mattermost has become almost as intuitive and functional as Slack, could we switch to Mattermost then?

(this does not apply to other platforms such as Google Drive vs. Nextcloud. There I would expect the costs of switching much higher)

CEA update: Q4 2020

Thanks a lot for taking the time to write up and share your strategy as well as these quartlery updates! 

CEA update: Q4 2020

It seems like your group support in Q4 was mostly focussed on students - is that just a coincidence or will student groups be your main priority for 2021 (compared to city groups, national groups, cause area groups & career groups)?

(Only reply if you have time to elaborate, no worries if not!)

3MaxDalton8moYes - student groups will be our main priority for additional support in 2021 (we say a bit more about why here [], and we discuss what that means concretely for our groups team here [] ). But we’ll be maintaining or expanding the support we give to all groups, including new initiatives like Virtual Programs [].
CEA update: Q4 2020

make several excellent hires [...] major focus next year [2021]. 

Great to see you expanding, especially on the groups team! 

How do you plan to hire people - public vacancies or private offers?

 I'm personally in favor of public vacancies as you reach more people and might find better applicants, and also because it makes the whole process more transparent and fair. I feel like EA employers currently often offer jobs privately to people in their network, which makes it seem like knowing the right people is more important than having the best s... (read more)

7MaxDalton8moWe plan to do most hiring through public vacancies, but we will make occasional exceptions when we think we’re very likely to be aware of the top candidates. In the first case we wanted to hire someone who had experience leading a successful university group, and since we work closely with many group leaders we felt like we had a good enough sense of the talent pool to do a closed round (where we invited a small number of candidates to do work trials, interviews etc.) We might do this sort of thing again. We brought on Sara and Aadil through the same hiring round, for an executive assistant position. Longview Philanthropy [] and 80,000 Hours [] had recently advertised a public position for an operations/executive assistant role. With the help of those organizations and their applicants, we were able to cut out some of the early advertisement/screening steps, and focus on some of their top candidates. I think this saved us a fair amount of time without compromising much on accessibility/fairness. We might do similar things in the future. But I acknowledge the costs you share, and we plan to normally invite public applications (as for this new contractor role [] , and for a finance/data role that we plan to post soon).
CHOICE - Creating a memorable acronym for EA principles

Thanks for getting back to me and for being open to updating your opinion! :)

If you no longer endorse some of your original thoughts here (replacing CEA's guiding principles), I would consider editing the article and putting a note on top or at the respective parts, else people who only read the article (and not all comments here) miss the update and still think you propose to change CEA's guiding principles.  

7BrianTan8moGood point. I've edited the article and added an update now at the end of the summary! Thanks
CHOICE - Creating a memorable acronym for EA principles

I see the motivation, but to me, the CEA Guiding Principles seem very carefully chosen and better than the suggestions here (though they are not bad either). I would be worried that CHOICE or another acronym would crowd out the Guiding Principles simply because it is easier to remember, while being worse content-wise (in my opinion).

(if relevant I can elaborate on why the Guiding Principles seem better to me)

9BrianTan8moYeah I do see now how they're very carefully chosen, and I just saw on their website and remembered now that a lot of organizations and people have voiced their support for these principles. I don't think it's worth changing them to fit this acronym, since that would mean having them run through multiple organizations again, with not a strong reason for doing so. From the comments on this post, I realize this isn't that good of an idea anymore. I still think it was worth sharing, and other people are free to experiment in using this acronym to explain what EA is about. But I wouldn't push for it anymore to replace CEA's current guiding principles.
Introducing High Impact Athletes

Praise, recommendations for advisers & feedback

This seems very promising, I like the web design and you seem to already have a good number of pro athletes on board. Great work!

1) Advisers
Have you been in touch with Luke Freeman from Giving What We Can? Maybe he has some more pro athletes in his GWWC network, and as he's working full-time on this he might have good advice for setting up a pledge network. Other good sources of advice could be Founders Pledge, One for the World and Effective Giving (focussed on wealthy people). 

2) You listed animal w... (read more)

List of EA-related organisations

Good idea! Would recommend to coordinate with the EA Hub as they already have such an overview (though not a wiki afaik) to avoid creating duplicates. 

List of EA-related organisations

I haven't used GitHub before - how intuitive is it for people without IT background? 
Else, maybe could be an option? I've often seen this used for wikis. 

1JamieGittins10moNotion is a great idea! I know how to use that already so I went ahead and made the wiki. Here's the page [] . Please let me know what you think of it (and whether you can edit it okay and everything).
Introducing Probably Good: A New Career Guidance Organization

FWIW: 75 upvotes (as of now) for Michael's post seem strong evidence that at least a significant fraction of forum readers find the name "weird" or "off-putting" at first glance. In most cases, that might be enough for people not to look into it more (e.g. if it's one of hundreds of posts on their Facebook timeline). 

Even if the other half of people find the name great, I think I'd rather go for a less controversial name which no-one finds weird (even if fewer people find it great). 

Finding a good name is difficult - all the best and let us know if we can help! You could e.g. solicit ideas here on in a Facebook group and run polls in the "EA polls" group to get better quantitative feedback. 

We’re definitely taking into account the different comments and upvotes on this post. We appreciate people upvoting the views they’d like to support - this is indeed a quick and efficient way for us to aggregate feedback.

We’ve received recommendations against opening public polls about the name of the organization from founders of existing EA organizations, and we trust those recommendations so we’ll probably avoid that route. But we will likely look into ways we can test the hypothesis of whether a “less controversial” name has positive or negative effects on the reaction of someone hearing this name for the first time.

Introducing Probably Good: A New Career Guidance Organization

The case for limiting scope to certain cause areas, fields and/or locations

> What cause areas and career paths do we want to focus on? Do we want to start with specific fields and slowly grow, or do we want to provide shallow introductions more broadly and slowly deepen our content? (from your open questions)

I have supported some 30 people with their career planning, and in my experience, good career advice is both really valuable and quite difficult to give. High impact career paths are complex, difficult to evaluate and change often. If you try to cov... (read more)

2sella10moHi Manuel, thanks for this comment. I think I agree with all your considerations listed here. I want to share some thoughts about this, but as you’ve mentioned - this is one of our open questions and so I don’t feel confident about either direction here. First, we have indeed been giving general career coaching for people in Israel for several years now, so in a sense we are implementing your recommended path and are now moving onto the next phase of that plan. That being said, there still remain reasons to continue to narrow our scope even at this stage. Second, you mention partnering with experts in the various cause areas to ensure accurate content - I completely agree with this, and wouldn’t dream of providing concrete career advice independently in fields I don’t have experience in. In the content we are writing right now we require interviewing at least 7 experts in the field to provide high-confidence advice, and at least 3 experts in the field even for articles we mark as low confidence (of which we warn people to be careful about). So it’s really important to me to clarify that none of the concrete career-specific advice we provide will be based exclusively on our own opinions or knowledge - even within the fields we do have experience in. Finally, I think at least some of the issues you’ve (justifiably) raised are mitigated by the way we aim to provide this advice. As opposed to existing materials, which more confidently aim to provide answers to career-related questions, we have a larger emphasis on providing the tools for making that decision depending on your context. As community organizers, one of the things that pushed us to start this effort is the feeling that many people, who don’t happen to be from the (very few) countries that EA orgs focus on, have very little guidance and resources, while more and more is invested in optimizing the careers of those within those countries. We believe that doing highly focused work on Israel would not serve t
Sign up for the Forum's email digest

Thanks for trying this!

These are additional functions I'd find useful, but I'm not sure if it's worth the overhead for you:

  • choose tags: e.g. subscribe to all (upvoted) posts with certain tags
  • choose frequency: weekly, biweekly or monthly

Also, some blogs and forums seem to offer RSS feed, which I haven't used myself yet but just based on its popularity, seems useful for others.

4Habryka1yYou can also subscribe to tags, by going to the tag page and clicking the "Subscribe" button. For those notifications you can also choose frequency, in the notification settings on your profile.
2Ben Pace1yYou can subscribe with RSS via using the "Subscribe (RSS)" button at bottom of the left menu on the frontpage.
EA Group Organizer Career Paths Outside of EA

Thanks! Here are some further potential career paths for community builders , written by David Nash (EA London) in 2019 (got his permission to share this here).

@Ben_West if you find this useful you could link it in your article above to increase visibility.

3Ben_West1yThanks! I added this at the end.
EA Group Organizer Career Paths Outside of EA
can't think of that many EA groups with >50 regulars

Agree that most EA groups are small, but those lead by full-time organizers such as London or (to a lesser extent) Berlin can reach those dimensions, see e.g. the EA London group directory. Berlin has 200-300 members who have been to an event at least once, an active Slack workspace and multiple meetup groups and projects running in parallel (mostly private, only some are public).

EA Group Organizer Career Paths Outside of EA

Potential downside of community building (CB): Slower professional development if working alone --> I'd recommend CB teams, training and/or mentorship

I feel like I learned a lot in my past 1.5 years as full-time community builder , but one major downside was working mostly alone without a "co-founder", proper training or an "incubator" (as start-ups often have), and while I did have some advice & support from CEA and fellow professional CBs, I could have learned a lot faster if I had a co-founder, more training or more ment... (read more)

EA Group Organizer Career Paths Outside of EA

(Full-time) Community Building as a way to build (charity) entrepreneurship career capital

I've been working full-time on EA Berlin & Germany since 1.5 years thanks to a CEA CB Grant, and I feel like the work is quite similar to (charity) entrepreneurship, with tasks like:

  • Developing vision & strategy
  • Building products, events & services (e.g. career advice or conferences)
  • Communication / Marketing / "Sales" (all my meetups and career advice are free of cost, so I don't "sell" anything, but I still need to write en
... (read more)
Why not give 90%?

Only trammel told me why

Maybe others downvoted for the same reason (off-topic), saw that trammel already commented and then just upvoted Trammell's comment (5 upvoted) instead of writing the same thing themselves?

Responsible Biorisk Reduction Workshop, Oxford May 2020

Is there already an online platform for EAs in biosecurity (besides the Facebook group)?

Other subgroups (EA Community Builders, EAs working in policy, EAs in Operations etc.) have active discussions in Slack workspaces, which seem great value. If you don't have that yet, I'd consider starting one and thinking carefully about criteria before inviting people (see "start with who" medium blog post)

If this does exist, I as EA Community Builder would appreciate hearing about it, so I can direct relevant group members there. Please comment o... (read more)

Responsible Biorisk Reduction Workshop, Oxford May 2020

side-note: Appreciate how accessible you made this

I appreciate the "solidarity ticket" system & the public (but not too prominent) announcement here in the forum. I have the impression retreats like this one are often shared within closed networks only and/or have high entrance barriers (fees etc.), and to me, this seems like a better way to actually reach the most relevant people, even if they're not in the right networks already. There might be more considerations that I'm not aware of, though.

Responsible Biorisk Reduction Workshop, Oxford May 2020

This seems potentially high value, thanks a lot for the initiative!

Do you a specific target audience in mind? E.g. people with biology or policy background, people already working in biosecurity or just (EA-aligned) people generally interested in the field? I'll forward it to some EAs working in biosecurity now, happy to share it further if you wish.

All the best for your workshop!

1mxschons2yin the application form we state Target group: - EA aligned - Ambitious to contribute to GCBR reduction - Applicants from diverse backgrounds welcome
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