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Hello everyone! I'm a member of the Polish EA community. Over the last few days we've witnessed an outpouring of support for Ukraine which is amazing. But among the information overload, both donors as well as those in need, may find it difficult to single out credible forms of help.

We’re aiming to create a database of verified information to make sure people can make the biggest impact when donating.

This FORM allows those of you who have information about existing initiatives to submit them for our evaluation. Please, spread it in your groups / communities! To avoid duplicating what we have already written and researched, look into this document called HELP FOR UKRAINIANS.

This is how the process will work:

  1. Collecting organisations / initiatives via FORM

  2. Analysing reports from the form by our research director Jakub (EA Poland) and selecting promising ones for more restrictive analysis

  3. Those considered worthy of recommendation are placed in the document HELP FOR UKRAINIANS

  4. Based on data in HELP FOR UKRAINIANS we publish and update once a day our blog posts in 3 languages (Polish, Ukrainian, English) AND we encourage you to translate this post also for your blogs if you are form countries where these 3 are not national languages.

The FORM and HELP FOR UKRAINIANS are to be spread only in the EA Community and organisations approved by the EA Poland group. Blog posts are intended for a wider audience. If you'd like to know more, feel free to reach out to me!

At EA Poland we've started to try evaluating organisations running fundraisers for Ukraine to make sure people can donate with the biggest possible impact. If you'd like to get involved we have a dedicated form where you can submit an organisation by answering several questions. The main goal of this project is to recommend organisations that are worth supporting financially. 

Had the chance to speak to venture capitalist, former poker pro and Effective Altruist Haseeb Qureshi about EA and Web3 - including earning to give and how crypto can facilitate effective giving. You can give it a read here: