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Burnout: What is it and how to Treat it.

Having regime and not breaking it. (Now after a year, I can break it by one or two hours, if I can sleep the next morning longer)

Always sleeping enough hours (luckily, I don't have to be at work on time)

Meditating (learning to step out of the anxious thoughts and rumminating)

Having blue light off on the phone and notebook. And ideally not using it.

Not looking at social media, emails and other stuff which can bring me anxious thoughts.

Trying to read in the evening

Use podcast / audiobook when I really feel weird about sleeping.

Open window

EA Hotel with free accommodation and board for two years

I would say, in many cases, we could consider veganism to be a major inconvenience.

For example

  • when the whole family is eating meat and one has to live with them.
  • when one cannot really choose in school or work because of cafeteria offer
  • when one doesn't have a belief animal suffering should be avoided
  • when one has low tendency to stand up against colleagues/friends/family/society pressure
  • when one doesn't know how to cook (or doesn't have time) and there are not good enough vegan services in place of living

But when you change the context to Hotel fo... (read more)

Triple counting impact in EA

I do not understand. For practical purposes it makes sense to me, we should not take more than 100% credit for anything we do.

If multiple organizations cooperate, they create a bigger impact, that is understandable. The impact is always 100% no matter how big it is. We can say organizations A, B and C and multiple other factors D created together impact 100%, saying each organization has 100% impact is misleading and can lead us to the wrong conclusion about how effective we are compared to others who are not using this math magic.

Maybe it would make sens... (read more)

Why Groups Should Consider Direct Work

I agree with this article and I do not see the conflict between more direct activities/projects and theoretical activities/projects. If people leave EA, just because others are trying to do something more tangible even though it might not have the biggest potential by current ea theory, they might not be so dedicated to the cause after all.

I understand, "more abstract" activities are prefered, but trashing all direct possibilities doesn't seem right. Especially if some of those direct activities would not happen otherwise and it keeps people clo... (read more)

2Richenda3yThanks Matej. Yes I agree entirely! This is especially a really important point that I've also been thinking a lot. Our philosophers, mathematicians etc. are great, but there are many other personality and thinking types that are underrepresented in our movement. Anything we can do to attract and integrate more people with different cognitive approaches seems very valuable! Also, as you suggest... I think there are a lot of EAs who are not necessarily high earning, and not everyone has the material means or opportunities to donate much or switch to the most frequently recommended careers. It's important to demonstrate to people that you can make a real difference, and that your involvement is valued, regardless of your position in life.
Triple counting impact in EA

If we have: impact = one life saved = 100%

and several organizations assign this impact to themselves

There is still just one life saved

but several organizations are taking together more than 100% credit for it

100% != 200%

0Halstead3ySee the post following this one explaining why this is not a puzzle.