Michael McIntosh

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Who wants to be hired? (May-September 2022)

Location: Boston, MA

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No.  Open to a hybrid position with New York City office location.

Skills: Portfolio Manager with 13+ years of experience managing investments and analyzing managers.  Deep understanding of economics, markets, forecasting, risk and reward.

Resume: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-mcintosh-8a623790

Contact: Please message me on this platform or LinkedIn.

Notes: I am resigning from my current position, exploring options in direct EA work and applying to industry jobs.

I am older and more expensive than the average EA job seeker.  If you require a mid/senior level employee with my skills, let's chat.

New Organization Idea: HedgEverything

Interesting idea that insect suffering connects with a few other EA issues.

New Organization Idea: HedgEverything

Why a loan product?


I find it's a simple structure, and it doesn't require a ton of operational costs (see my response to Larks' comment).

Perhaps this organization could have more value add as an advisory/intermediary

Interesting idea.  A different version of HedgEverything could be the connection between clients and product makers.

On profit-seeking, if there was big enough demand out there, wouldn't prediction markets be bigger already?

One advantage HedgEverything has over prediction markets is customization.  One disadvantage is liquidity (probably).

New Organization Idea: HedgEverything

I estimate reinsurance and regulatory costs would not be overburdening.  HedgEverything would likely be unreinsured at first, and I believe HedgEverything's service would not be a "security" as defined by the SEC, and it wouldn't be a pooled investment.  I could be wrong - it's worth a quick look from a lawyer.

Analysts are costly.  The minimum estimate given is based on a spread of 2% to 4%.  This is the scenario in which I do everything and consume all the coffee.

New Organization Idea: HedgEverything

Depending on loan terms, yes.  

In this case, a "callable loan" may be appropriate, allowing Bob to access cash when the emergency hits.  However, this feature may increase HedgEverything's risk and, therefore, affect other terms.  Thank you for suggesting the potential importance of a call feature.

Bob would still need to tie up some assets by lending at the start of the agreement.

Also, Bob would need an interest rate benchmark that is updated soon after the emergency hits.  A lag in benchmark reporting could prevent Bob from calling the loan at a profit during the time of greatest need.