Accomplishments Open Thread - April 2016

There's been another edition of the Effective Altruism Boot Camp held in Cracow, Poland. We have doubled in size and set off for regular project work. It's thanks to many months of hard work of these folks: Aga Pisz, Aneta Błachewicz, Marcin Kowrygo, Marcin Woźniak. Thank you!

Should EAs influence corporate giving?

I do believe this is valid for the reasons you have brought up and also true on the market level. I would argue that a generic idea a firm can adopt as its own (own it) is more commercially attractive than a product explicitly corellated with an unmanageable social movement. The decision to move this product outside of our brand is small but important, and I opt for it.

The remaining question to everyone then is how to build and market that product? Wouldn't the criteria of importance, tractability and uncrowdedness be a good start (as mentioned by William Saunders in this thread*) How to control the risks suggested by Tyler?