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The Cost of Rejection

I was one of the people who edited interview notes and sent other feedback to Triplebyte candidates; I certify that everything John said here is correct, even re: the parts of the process he wasn't directly involved in, and I endorse his takeaways. This comment is more a response to John than it is a response to the OP, but hopefully/maybe people might still find it useful.

Feedback emails were about 25% of my job. As a team, we sent maybe 50 feedback emails on an average day (not totally sure here, numbers fluctuated a lot and also it was two years ago).

On... (read more)

Introducing EA Resources by LEAN

This looks great, I'm so glad that the EA Hub is getting revamped! My main question has to do with this:

Our project is intended to serve a complementary and supportive role to both Effective Altruism Forum and LessWrong 2.0, and will hopefully contribute to the multiplication of impact generated by already existing and newly formed EA groups.

EA Hub is obviously branded specifically for EA groups, but given that you mentioned LessWrong, I was wondering if you're planning to include resources for organizers of LessWrong/rationality groups as well? ... (read more)

4Michal_Trzesimiech3yThanks, mingyuan []! We actually did! With, we wanted to share LEAN's idea of what texts you should look into when you're a group organizer. We discussed this with our partners at CEA and decided that offering 2 perspectives is better than offering 1 and that we should work together on 2 independent products. We figured out we don't want the Resources to be a fixed, static list, but an open, collaborative platform. This way, you're all invited to decide on its shape and content. LEAN wants to make sure we only add features that offer a lot of value to the community, which is why we rely on your feedback. As a matter of fact, this is why we released this humble feature before the whole thing is ready. The new Hub will come with a number of new features, some of which offer integration across multiple platforms like or One of those is a cross-platform search allowing for searching through a multitude of sources with a single search box [that can be implemented across multiple platforms]. Thanks for your feedback and stay tuned!
3Martin_K3yBased on the recent EA Survey data, we believe that there's a significant value in fostering coordination and bridging the gap between EA and rationality circles. While these two may often overlap at the local level, our sample indicated that the ratio of people on one platform (EA Forum or LessWrong) to these on both of them is over 2.6:1. In addition, it pointed out to surprisingly low numbers of EAs on Forum (20%) or LW (19%) compared with EA FB (50%) and in groups (40%). From a more personal perspective, chatting with many EA organizers in person taught me that many of them haven't previously heard about important sources like the Slate Star Codex blog, while their questions and intellectual dilemmas were satisfyingly explainable by posts written few years ago. This state of things likely results in missing out on important insights and valuable interactions with a mostly goal-aligned group having useful comparative advantages and a slightly different demographic composition. Given these, it seems beneficial to encourage non-intrusive cross-posting and linking to each other in the spirit of a more interconnected network. While there might be some benefits to decentralizing the centralization of resources, we obviously intend to stay in touch with each "big player" to avoid duplication of work and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. This is also largely reflected by our choice of a specific niche - providing time- and effort-saving services tailored to the needs of current and future leaders managing local high-impact groups.
Earning to Save (Give 1%, Save 10%)
I want to pushback on the idea that the average individual making more than the local median household, and living in one of the richest societies on the planet, cannot afford to be generous.

I don't think that's a good or charitable reading of what Ray's saying. I think the core idea is that EAs have often prioritized giving 10% and living frugally *too* heavily, to the point where it interferes with their long-term potential. This seems like a case where the law of equal and opposite advice is coming into play - while it's true that mo... (read more)

I feel like you are generalizing from a small sample of very dedicated EAs. In my opinion the data does not support 'EAs have often prioritized giving 10% and living frugally *too* heavily'. See data here:

The median donation percentage among EAs who reported 10K+ income was only 4.28%. The following example you give is not typical 'For example, I've heard from some of the early Australian EAs that when EA was just starting out they all live... (read more)