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Given that the process to spend the $50 doesn't have to happen right away (unless I'm mistaken), then maybe it should be emphasized that the signing up part only takes 20 seconds or so. 

Thanks so much!

EA Creatives and Communicators Slack

Hi! Great idea. I'm Megan, I work in communications at Rethink Charity and at ALLFED. I'd love to be in the group, although I don't have a lot of capacity to contribute to it over the next few months. Thanks!

Open Thread: August 2021

Hello Chloe. I'm also an early career communications generalist who likes running, vegan cooking, and living abroad. Happy to chat about my experiences with any of these, or with working at EA orgs! (I work at Rethink Charity and at ALLFED). My email is Enjoy the EA Forum! 

Thanks, Megan!! Just sent you an email :)
How to find good 1-1 conversations at EAGx Virtual

Interesting to hear about the flexible take you already had on video/audio. Thanks for the response and for editing the post!

How to find good 1-1 conversations at EAGx Virtual

Hi Aidan, thanks for the great tips! I read this after the conference, so I’ll have to use some of them next time. “Dive down the rabbit holes of passion” is a fantastic phrase.

Do you have thoughts on mentioning the option for audio-only calls to people you’re wanting to chat with, in case that would make them more comfortable and/or willing to meet in the first place? I for one have only recently gotten over some of my nerves surrounding video calls with new people. Now I find them engaging, but sometimes distracting as well.

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Hey, that’s a great idea. Videochat can be nice, but definitely isn’t necessary. I‘ve edited the post to recommend noting that videochat is optional, and audio-only is perfectly good. Thanks for the thought and the kind words! Hope you had a great conference too :)