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EDIT: Retracted, see point below (misunderstood the linked data). Thanks for pointing this out!

I’m not sure I completely understand the full accounting shown in your link to the AMF page, but from what I get the example you gave looks misplaced: Indeed, 2023 seemed to have marked a reduction by more than 50% of the incoming funds, but the two years prior to that show substantial increases (and before that another drop; maybe CoViD-related?); moreover, 2024 seems to become again a year of strong increase (already at 50% of 2023 funds in YTD). Maybe I’m misunderstanding something here, but at least this example seems to be in contradiction to the general pessimistic outlook in the first two paragraphs of your answer.

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I strongly agree with @lexande's critical comments about the general strategy behind this fund.

A further point I am rather confused about concerns the following paragraph:

To respond to the current surge of interest and momentum among both the general public in Germany and our donors, we feel a responsibility to share our initial findings - with all their limitations - in order to guide donors interested in supporting promising interventions that can make a difference in the short term in the specific German context. Therefore, we have launched a new fund called "Defending Democracy" on effektiv-spenden.org.

I'm not sure I can follow the logic here: Feeling a "(...) responsibility to share (...) initial findings - with all their limitations - in order to guide donors (...)" is an argument for publishing those findings, and it's hard for me to see how this necessitates the launch of the fund itself. Could maybe one of the authors give some context on the reasons behind going for a fund instead of solely publishing (preliminary) findings? 

Intelligence is power and, as Spiderman's uncle said, "With great power comes great responsibility". Thinking about AI safety is accepting this responsibility and living up to it.

Intelligence is the most powerful of all the tools we have: It allowed humankind to invent advanced language, science and communication. Artificial intelligence has the potential of being an even more powerful tool  and we should therefore be thinking about how we can create this tool in a way that is safe and beneficial.

Intelligence is what allows us to shape the world. We are already struggling to cooperate with other human-level intelligences, namely humans, and so far we fail to prevent or stop the resulting conflicts. It is therefore important to think deeply and carefully about the cooperation with intelligences of super-human abilities. The development of AI poses the unique opportunity to actually shape these intelligences to not get in conflict with human goals.