Muhammad Abu Bakar

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I am a third year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student in Pakistan.


Indeed a great Accomplishment, Thanks for introducing EA to many passionate young minds. I believe there should be more discussions about the EA books in the future Wishing you good luck to your future endeavors.


This course seems interesting.

Thank you for making this.

And lastly I filled the interest form but still didn't receive any developments about the course or my acceptance?



Can you recommend me any course or webinar sessions related to biosecurity under EA?

Hello Erika! I am Muhammad Abubakar, third year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student in Pakistan. I have recently performed Isolation and purification of salmonella enterica as a research intern. It would be great to learn from you all, I am interested in this group because it would allow me to broaden my thinking and also participating in these activities enhance my leaning. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hello ! Everyone, I am M Abu Bakar , third year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student. I have recently completed a research internship in a bat conservation project focusing on the effects of heat changes and microflora residing in their guts , later on isolation & purification of salmonella to address the food poisoning. While working in the field , Biosecurity and Bioethics needs to be followed. I want to learn and improve my knowledge about Bio ethics and Biosecurity. Lastly, If anyone has any research & project whether online or physical related to bio and inter disciplines feel free to share with me ☺️ , Best of luck 🤞 to you for betterment of humanity.

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