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I was actually thinking of noticing when you feel like you're learning a lot, figuring out models, solving problems, or making progress in other ways. I noticed I'm much more productive in some settings than others, so I place myself in these settings more often.  Making sure you're frequently in such settings at work, I suspect, will lead to significantly less time feeling stuck and more achieving of the potential of your work. 

Some examples:
- (a) I generate more ideas while brainstorming on a flip chart/whiteboard than on a Google doc and (b) my models are better when I draw them or make them 3D than when I write them. So, when I'm trying to come up with stuff, I head to a room with whiteboards.
- I change my mind more often by talking to people I trust with opposing views than I do by reading/Googling (I think because of a tendency to avoid my belief's real weak points). So, if I want to test beliefs, I find a friend who disagrees.
- I'm more productive when working in close teams who hold each other accountable than when alone. So, when I want to get a project done, I find a collaborator.

Thanks for sharing, William! I just donated $3000 to all the charities with Every.org profile's from this GWWC list: https://www.givingwhatwecan.org/best-charities-to-donate-to-2021/

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