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Why fun writing can save lives: the case for it being high impact to make EA writing entertaining

If you are struggling to post, maybe getting more upvotes and views would help motivate you?

I personally am more motivated to write things people will actually see and get value from.

If I write things that are more interesting, more people on average will see them.

I agree with both points. I think that we don't want to add more barriers to writing. There's a risk that this post could do this.

I agree also, though, that writing more engagingly can actually encourage people to write more. For two main reasons:

  • It's more fun to write fun things. When you write, you're also reading what you write. So if it's fun to read, it's fun to write it too! I find myself much more likely to write if I allow myself to have fun with it.
  • It's motivating for your post to have more engagement, see the point above. It feels way more ex
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