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What are the easiest highly positive and effective things that people can do?

I have a simple list of powerful actions you can take right now. Because I'm in the same boat, even though I study psychology in uni, I have been thinking of how to do more good every day. I think the EA Forum can get a bit theoretical and I hope to change that because, indeed, we need practical activities to do in order to effectively be altruistic.

  1. What does a charity/person need? Can you give it to them?

It seems like another lame piece of advice, but if you ask what the biggest challenges a charity/person faces, you can attempt to do some legwork for... (read more)

What are some EA projects for students to do?

My personal suggestion is to spend those five hours as a freelancing nomad by giving unsolicited support to any charity, business or individual which can provide career capital or simply philanthropic results from your work.

A project which both does good while also allows for the flexibility of reconnoissance and growing career capital. It sounds like you might be best freelancing. The book Surrounded By Idiots puts forth four professional personality types ( - a... (read more)

EA Handbook 3.0: What content should I include?

I truly want Effective Altruism to flourish, but I am concerned with the EA handbooks, the backbone of the EA community, being too theoretical. Donating and volunteering aside, there are be driving principles of EA which are not summarised as daily practices, and thus the EA community merely the theorise about them. Práctica principles such as decision making ratios between income, expense and donations or the exact tenants of thinking globally and acting locally (such as being aware of what actions will/won’t make positive/negative change). These are acti... (read more)

Prof.Weird's Shortform

Suggestions? Any shortcuts past the barriers to entry in humanitarian volunteering? It seems like a catch 22 to need experience to get experience. I’m studying for a bachelor's degree but in the meantime want to provide value to awesome causes!