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Summary of Core Feedback Collected by CEA in Spring/Summer 2019

Thanks Ben. I'm very happy to see CEA gathering and publishing all this detailed feedback.

I imagine it is easier to get feedback from the people that are already communicating the most with you. I was wondering whether or how much you have tried to get feedback from people and groups in the EA community who you have less contact with.

For example, I imagine that the group leaders attending the retreats (and possibly those having the calls) may be the group leaders that already get the most support from CEA. The comment that made think this was

most of
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8Ben_West2yThanks for asking about that. I agree that calls and emails are valuable, in addition to in-person visits. I think it's accurate that there are groups who would say they'd like more support from CEA, of various forms. The respondents here weren't current group leaders, though, so I believe the comment you're pointing to might not provide much data for your question. But it's a good question, and we've invested this year in building connections with more groups. For example: Alex Barry, our Groups Associate, worked with LEAN on a group organizers survey this year, [] so we could get feedback from a wide range of groups and update our list of contacts. Alex has also had about 100 calls with group organizers this year, answered ~500 emails from group organizers, and had about 50 meetings during EA Globals. He can be booked by emailing []. We also have a Slack channel [] for group organizers, as well as a Facebook group []. This post [] on our groups support has more information – if you are a group organizer, please check out the resources listed there or let others know about them!
Summary of Core Feedback Collected by CEA in Spring/Summer 2019

What is an "IO Retreat"?

There are so many acronyms in EA, it is hard to keep on top of them all!

4Ben_West2ySorry, fixed to be less jargony! CEA's former Individual Outreach (IO) team did a series of retreats on different topics in 2018. For example, the Ops Retreat brought together a group of people interested in finding EA operations roles; it included a workshop aimed at improving ops skills and chances to talk with different orgs that were planning to hire for ops positions.
2JP Addison2yIndividual outreach.