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ACX Schelling Meet-up

I would like them to continue because it saves me a lot of time. Does LessWrong have a similar function?

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LessWrong doesn't have this event cross-posting. Possibly it's less relevant for their site than the EA Forum.
AI Safety Meet Up

Hi Yvonne Gurira, unfortunately we will not be having this meet up because we have covid. It has been postponed until May 29th! Sorry for the late notice

ACX Schelling Meet-up

Can I have access to modifying these events?  I'm an organizer for PEAR. I'm glad that EA Forum can pull things from the meet-up website but most of our meet-up events are placeholders until further updates can be made.  

Case in point:

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Sure thing - I just assigned you as an organizer to the group. You should have access to edit the group's info and events. We have a contractor who cross-posts EA events from Facebook and Meetup. If you'd prefer to manage your group's events yourself, we can ask the contractor to skip your group.
Call For Distillers

I was just talking about this with some friends! Has anyone trained a GPT-3 language model on LessWrong or EA posts and then had it create or try to distill some posts? I think this would be mostly entertaining, kinda like the postmodern philosophy generator or subreddit simulator. But it seems like a win-win regardless of whether it is a good or bad distiller.

If it is bad, it could impart some valuable lessons about recognizing vacuous gpt-3 generated ideas. If it is good, then maybe it could really distill some ideas well or generate new ones (doubtful atm?).

Also there could be a monthly award for whoever predicts which post is AI generated :).

What are your favourite ways to buy time?

It seems everyone here already implicitly understands how much value our free time has, however I would suggest using this Free-Time Value Calculator from Clearer Thinking which uses several thought experiments to further prime and clarify your intuitions into one central Free-Time Value.  It also has several suggestions for Time-Savers at the very end depending on your Free-Time Value Estimate.  If you take it feel free to share! I've had several friends (EA and otherwise) take it and find it fascinating, but put spoilers on your comment to prev... (read more)

PEAR Book Club: Superforecasting Week 2

Here is the link to the discord server!