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Answer by sam09Nov 27, 202210

I was on vyvanse for about 9 months. At first, it was great, and my apartment had never been cleaner. Everything seemed easier and I thought I'd be on it forever.

The initial side effects for me were, dry mouth, lack of appetite (I lost tons and tons of weight), and slight insomnia. My personality changed too, but this was more difficult to figure out.

Over time, I started having problems breathing (it's hard for me to describe; it just felt like I couldn't take in enough oxygen), got paranoid, and lost the ability to write coherently. I also completely lost my short term memory. Also, it was hard for me to be interested in things anymore. The world just seemed more grey and less interesting, if that makes any sense. I've now switched on to natural stimulants, and without side effects - here's a guide.