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The Berlin Hub: Longtermist co-living space (plan)

Tl;dr: In order to create the best possible version of the hub, we’ll delay the launch to spring/summer 2023.

For anyone who is curious about the reasons, here you go. I’ll split the writeup into two categories: External reasons, and internal ones.

External reasons

  1. Launching a charity in Germany takes time: The process has been set in motion two months ago but could still take six more months. It doesn’t make sense for us to continue the search for houses before we have a registered charity with a provably full bank account. We’ve already found a house that w
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The Berlin Hub: Longtermist co-living space (plan)

Each question helps me explicate my partially implicit models a bit more. Thanks for this one, it was fun to think through!


I see three downsides to our current model compared to CEEALAR's:
1. We plan to rent instead of buy, and that in Berlin's instead of Blackpool's housing market. Whether just initially or long-term depends on how great the house we manage to get turns out to be.  This implies that what Greg paid to buy the hotel in Blackpool (around £100k-£200k, if I remember correctly) is what we would need for anywhere between 1 and 4 years ... (read more)

1Dario Citrini1mo
Oh wow, thank you for this elaborate response! FWIW, I don't think nr 2 is a big negative, if it's a net negative at all. Yes, it answers my question. And no, it didn't raise more, at least for the moment.
The Berlin Hub: Longtermist co-living space (plan)

Thanks for the question!

Here you go for a chunk of the background models which informed our decision:

I see three main potential benefits that can come from impact-focused co-living projects like these:
1) Reduced living cost
2) centralizing everyday chores like cooking, cleaning, and restocking to keep peoples' backs free for work
3) fostering synergies and cross-pollination between residents' projects

CEEALAR (formerly "EA Hotel") leverages 1) to the max by pushing the living costs as low as 6500£/year/person (according to memory, I might be off). At the same... (read more)

6Max Clarke2mo
Yeah, that's satisfying to me. I think it's honest and clear. I thought it was worth asking though, in case the framing wasn't deliberate, or you hadn't thought about it. I can see you put a lot of effort into this reply - thanks!
Where would we set up the next EA hubs?

Yes, we are currently working on a better name. Thanks for the input, and feel free to send me a message if you have a great idea.

Where would we set up the next EA hubs?

Agreed. There are some more arguments for Berlin:
- it has a local EA community whose member count may well be somewhere in the 100s
- it is one of Europe's major startup hubs
- it already has a very large expat community and culture. Accordingly, you can manage most of everyday life from grocery shopping to socializing with non-EAs without knowing a word of German.

Regarding the plans for Berlin Longtermist Hub Chris mentioned: Here you can find our project outline. Note that it still is a work in progress and things will change over the next weeks and months.

Maybe you’re already considering this but here it goes anyway:

I‘d advise against the name ‚longtermist hub‘. I wouldn‘t want longtermism to also become an identity, just as EA is one.

It also has reputational risks—which is why new EA-oriented orgs do not have EA in their name.