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Thanks! For me, this does a bit to clear up why buy-in is perceived as such a key bottleneck.

(And secondarily, supporting the idea that other areas of fairly-high ROI are likely to be centered around facilitating collaboration and consolidation of resources among people with a lot of pre-existing experience/expertise/buy-in.)


Thanks for the thoughtful response!

I want to start with the recognition that everything I remember hearing from you in particular around this topic, here and elsewhere, has been extremely reasonable. I also very much liked your paper.

My experience has been that I have had multiple discussions around disease shut down prematurely in some in-person EA spaces, or else turned into extended discussions of infohazards, even if I'm careful. At some point, it started to feel more like a meme than anything. There are some cases where "infohazards" were brought up a

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Hello Spiracular,

Is it your impression that whenever you -or talented friends in this area- come up with a reasonably-implementable good idea, that after searching around, you tend to discover that someone else has already found it and tried it?

I think this is somewhat true, although I don't think this (or the suggestions for bottlenecks in the paragraph below) quite hits the mark. The mix of considerations are something like these:

1) I generally think the existing community covers the area fairly competently (from an EA perspective). I think the main... (read more)


Now that we've gone over some of the considerations, here's some of the concrete topics I see as generally high or low hazard for open discussion.

Good for Open Discussion

  • Broad-application antiviral developments and methods
    • Vaccines
    • Antivirals proper
    • T-cell therapy
    • Virus detection and monitoring
  • How to report lab hazards
    • ...and how to normalize and encourage this
  • Broadly-applicable protective measures
    • Sanitation
    • Bunkers?
  • The state of funding
  • The state of talent
    • What broad skills to develop
    • How to appeal to talent
    • Who talent should talk to


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