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I'm a community builder based in the Bay. I previously worked in consulting, recruiting and marketing and have a BA in Sociology and focused on social movement theory and structural functionalism.

/'vɛðehi/ or VEH-they-hee


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What posts you are planning on writing?

I'd be interested in seeing the research on singing!

I don't know if EAG is really the place for that, but people often bring instruments to retreats and smaller events and I think they add a lot.

Open Philanthropy should fund the abundance agenda movement

While I think I may disagree with Ruth on the specific recommendation (not sure!) I really appreciate this post for a few reasons:

  1. it's introduced a new and novel concept (abundance agenda) that is really interesting in how it is trying to get to the underlying problem of lots of issues
  2. it's outlined several concrete examples in an easy to understand, readable way

I have lots of questions that seem valuable to think about like:

  1. how generalizable is the "skip the landline" model and what is the influence of world bank or IMO on developing countries today ?

  2. what does 5% more GDP for the US actually look like in terms of benefits to metrics we care about (health or well-being)

  3. I appreciate the footnotes for each substantive claim

I would love to see more posts like this on the forum.

Dinner & Discussion @ The Lodge

Thanks for flagging we are working on this. 


Dinner & Discussion @ The Lodge

Thanks for flagging we are working on this. 

Deworming and decay: replicating GiveWell’s cost-effectiveness analysis

Where does GiveWell explain the reasoning for discounting the effect of the treatment observed in the data by 87%? Looking at the post you linked I don't see 87% mentioned, but there is a link to this cost-effectiveness estimate but that ranges from 54% to 85% but those are also from Nov 2016. 

EA Forum feature suggestion thread

Allow registered users to post anonymous comments and generate a unique anonymous Id to track them so we can e.g. see the thread of anon1's comments.

I think ideally this should not be visible to mods / backend so it's truly anonymous.

Why EA needs Operations Research: the science of decision making

Meta: would change the title to tell people what OR is, I would have been much more likely to click if I knew what it was and didn't just read every forum post.

But otherwise, I really enjoyed this post and cool to learn about a new field! Would love to see more like this.

EAs should use Signal instead of Facebook Messenger

Meta: I'd recommend your crowd sourcing document ne a google doc for easier access.

EAs should use Signal instead of Facebook Messenger

Thanks that's useful information. It still seems like more work than I would put in for a short interaction (which as a community builder I have a lot of) and also seems inconvenient for the other person if they don't already have signal.

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