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More undergraduate or just-graduated students should consider getting jobs as research techs in academic labs

Thank you for writing this!

I'm job hunting at the moment, but don't need a high income quite yet + want to do a work-test and see how well I'd fare in a research role. There are a few universities / academic labs in my area, I'll start deliberately contacting relevant individuals and see if I can grab a paid research role; your advice should prove quite helpful for that.

I Created Free Content Training for Nonprofit Orgs

This is great! Thank you for doing this :)

I've emailed you with a request, I'm eager to improve in this area and apply those gains for the EA Hub :)

Sent you access...I hope you find the resources helpful! Feel free to send feedback so I can improve current and future resources.
Open Thread: July 2021


LessWrong also does monthly open threads, I recommend checking those out, here's July's, and keep an eye out for August's open thread soon.

I endorse the recommendations posted by habryka in July's Open Thread for getting started and increasing familiarity with LessWrong. Community, Concepts, and Library

I recommend making comments on posts that you find interesting, helping answer or contribute to discussion of open questions, and/or writing posts about things you're interested in; I personally do a lot of shortform writing because that lets me explore ... (read more)

Open Thread: July 2021

Thank you! I edited my post so it looks nicer now :)

I appreciate the recommendations, I'll check out the top posts / sequences on the forum plus Toby Ord's The Precipice.

Open Thread: July 2021

Hey y'all :)

I'm focused on learning about the different causes of death and how to get rid of them: Viva Immortality!

I used to do IT, but am pivoting to found an organization dedicated to achieving human immortality.

I'm from Houston, Texas and still virtually organize the Houston Rationalists group even though I've since moved to Norfolk, Virginia. (if you're in the area [Norfolk], contact me and I'll organize a meetup here)

Right now I'm job hunting and am aiming to relocate to Seattle, Washington.

I volunteer at the  EA Hub and listen to the 80,000 ho... (read more)

4Aaron Gertler1y
Hello, Willa! I've activated the Markdown Editor for you — not sure why it wasn't working. (I'm the lead moderator/admin here.) There's a lot of stuff on the Forum. Perhaps the best way to start out is to browse the top posts of all time [] and read whatever looks interesting. I don't love all the posts on that list, but they're a reasonable sample of the topics that get a lot of interest here. The natural book recommendation would be Toby Ord's The Precipice if you haven't read it yet; I've liked the bits I've read, and reviews from outside of EA have been solid.
2Madhav Malhotra1y
I've never interacted with the Less Wrong community :D Any tips on ways to be engaged there?