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Isaiah Kuhle

Economics, analytics, business, altruism, music, philosphy.


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Who wants to be hired? (May-September 2022)

Hello all 👋

Location: Miami, Florida
Remote: Yes, and previous experience working remotely.
Willing to relocate: Recently signed a lease agreement. Will have to stay at current location until end of July, 2023.
Skills: Data Analytics, Financial Analysis, Excel, R, Tableau, RapidMiner, Regression Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Economics, Writing, Management, Music Composition
Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/isaiah-k-725922224/
Email: ikuhle@yahoo.com
Notes: My background prior to finance and economics is mostly as an artist. I was a musician and lighting engineer in local theaters and night clubs. I loved my job, but decided to look for something with more stability that was altruistic in character.
My primary interest is in economics and research. I recently applied and was accepted for a volunteer analyst role at SoGive. I am considering pursuing a PhD and doing research tying physics to economics at a fundamental level. 
My dream job is to be on a team creating a new school of economics that promotes long term stability, is integral with natural ecological systems, defeats corruption, and ameliorates poverty (Dream big, right?). A second dream job is to be on a team that creates an online platform for direct democracy and political accountability. 
Send me a message, I'd be happy to hear from you :)
Seeking work