A/B Tests

Your A/B test key is fxW3YxFndMZJicuNv. This is used to randomize your test group in future A/B tests. You can see which A/B tests are active and which group you are in below, and override your group allocation. (This may cause data you generate to not be counted in certain experiments.)

You need to log in to override your A/B test group allocation.

A/B TestYour Group
A placeholder A/B test which has no effectThe larger test group
Tests the new LargeSequencesItem on the CollectionsPageGroup with old layout (SequencesGridItem)
Tests the new BooksProgressBar, as used in BooksItem (itself used in CollectionsPage)Original BooksItem without the progress bar
Tests the new Welcome Box on post pages for logged out usersDon't show Welcome Box on post pages
Events sidebar shows more informationTwo lines per event