Effective Altruism Berlin

Berlin, Germany


We are a relatively large community of students and professionals who try to apply EA ideas to do the most good, both through directly working to solve some of the world's most pressing problems as well as through donating to effective charities and volunteering. 

----- Events -----

We run currently run monthly meetups and occasionally larger events such as EAGxBerlin 2022 (900 attendees) as well as the more informal European EA Unconferences (video, photos). Many community members also organise private hangouts. If you'd like to (help) organise more events, reach out

All EA Berlin events will be announced here on this page (scroll down), on Telegram and added to our Google Calendar. Other EA events in Berlin may also be shared on the  EA Forum Events Section.

----- Coworking -----

- check out Teamwork, an EA coworking space in Berlin-Wedding (Northwest of the city). It's run by the Effektiv Spenden team (not by EA Berlin), have a look at the website for more info. 
- In addition, some community members occasionally coordinate to cowork in public coworking offices like The Factory or privately in their homes. 


If you have questions, are interested in volunteering or if we can do anything else for you, don't hesitate to contact us! We usually respond in 1-2 working days but sometimes we might take longer as we are currently entirely volunteer-run and don't have any paid staff. 

- Your EA Berlin team


Upcoming events

Mar 30 at 5 - 8 PM GMT
12051 Berlin
Apr 4 at 6 - 8 PM GMT
Müllerstraße 138D, 13353 Berlin

Past events

Mar 17 at 6 - 8 PM GMT
BrewDog Berlin Friedrichshain, Frankfurter Tor, Berlin
Mar 16 at 7 - 10 PM GMT
Müllerstraße 138D, Berlin
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