EA Gather Town (EAGather)

Online Group

The EA Gather is an always-on virtual meeting place for coworking, socialising, and events. Join and help us maintain a community of effective altruists online! Feel free to read the norms below if you're uncertain what it's about, or just explore on your own.

If you want to host events here or find a place for your group to meet or host coworking sessions, get in touch! We have an event guide and we'd be happy to help.

Subscribe to our calendar for notifications, and join our  Discord server for async discussions.


  1. Write yourself a status when you’ve had an intro tour, so we can identify newcomers and offer welcome them to the space.
  2. If you’re familiar with the space, consider going to introduce statusless newcomers. Done well, this really contributes to the sense of community :)
  3. You can use this document to introduce yourself, find people to accountability-partner with, or book 1-on-1s.

Interaction norms

  1. Abide by the Platinum Rule as much as possible: do unto others as they would want done unto them.
  2. Avoid using the [Everyone] chat unless warranted, as it pings everyone and can be distracting for people who are focusing. Use [Nearby] or send messages directly to recipients.
  3. Write “topic:” (or “t:”) in your status followed by what you want to talk to people about. Also look out for other people with statuses like this and invite them to talk or help them out!


Coworking pod

Desks placed in an array are for coworking. Feel free to join any coworking pod, but join with your mic turned off and press 'X' near the monitor to check the pod’s shared timer so you don’t interrupt their focus.

Social areas

Standing in an area with a white vase signals that you're open for people to come and start a conversation, and that you should feel free to start or join a conversation with anyone there.

This vase ->  

Meeting rooms

Rooms with open doors are available meeting rooms anyone can use. Don’t enter a meeting that has a closed door.

You can also arrange 1-on-1s with people in this space via the document or the Discord server.

Focus area

Spaces for people who wish not to be disturbed but still want to support the space by being around!

Spending time online even while not coworking is also encouraged to give the space a livelier feel.

Bespoke areas

We have tailored rooms for specific groups or organisations. Feel free to explore, but respect their Norms if they have any.

All the rooms in the Main Area (the first map you see), are free to use even if they have a logo.


Email   -  eagathertown@gmail.com

Discord - EA Gather Discord

Slack  -  EA Gather Slack (channel within EA Anywhere)

Facebook group   -  Effective altruism online coworking

Intros & accountability -  EAGT Community Spreadsheet

Invite link  -  EA Gather invite link (expires in 30 days)


Supreme Mugwump  -  Sasha / Arepo (contact)  -  Netherlands (+2 UTC)

Squib Caretaker  -  Emrik (contactadmonymous)  -  Norway (+2 UTC)

Herbology Professor  -  Siao (contact)  -  Singapore (+8 UTC)

Charms Professor  -  Tazik (contact)  -  Toronto, Canada (-4 UTC)

Divination Professor  -  Nguyên (contact)  -  Vietnam (+7 UTC) CDMX, Mexico (-5 UTC)

Care of Magical Creatures  -  Ruth (contact)  -  Germany (+2 UTC)

Defence Against the Dark Arts  -  Mateo  -  Argentina (-3 UTC)

Apparition Instructor  -  Florant  -  France (+2 UTC)

Flying Instructor  -  Ruth Grace Wong  -  United States (-7 UTC)

Professor of Magical History  -  Jonathan Yan (contact)  -  Hong Kong (+8 UTC)

Professor of Astronomy  -  Harshit Aggarwal  -  India (+5:30 UTC)

Professor of Alchemy  -  Jelle (contact)  -  Netherlands (+2 UTC)

Professor of Xylomancy  -  Adi  -  England (+1 UTC)

Yellow  -  Yellow  -  United States (-7 UTC)

Hufflepuff Prefect  -  Annabel  -  Australia (+11 UTC)

Gryffindor Prefect  -  Cornelis  -  Canada (-4 UTC)

Upcoming Events

Past Events