Hanson, Robin (2010) Cryonics as charity, Overcoming Bias, July 12.

Cyronics is the practice of using subfreezing temperatures to preserve the bodies of those who have died of an incurable disease with the intent of restoring good health following sufficient advances in medical technology.

Further reading

Greenberg, Spencer (2021) ‎Clearer Thinking with Spencer Greenberg: Freezing to (not) death: cryonics and the quest for immortality (with Max Marty), Clearer Thinking, December 9.

Urban, Tim (2016) Why cryonics makes sense, Wait But Why, March 24.

Should this tag be labelled "cryonics"?  "Biostasis" is more inclusive, but I don't see what variants of it are relevant to the Forum aside from cryonics. (I know almost nothing about this area, and could be wrong.)

4Aaron Gertler2y
I have now changed the name of the tag to "Cryonics" and added a brief description.
2JP Addison2y
I'd also lean in favor of Cryonics as coming out better on the tradeoff of accessibility vs correctness. (That is, when trading off this much recognizability for that much technical correctness, I don't think it's worth it.) But although Aaron and I both share this view, I don't think of myself as speaking from authority, just expressing my opinion.
I came here to say this :)
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