Invincible Wellbeing (IW) is a non-profit organization focused on foundational research and applied work targeting the biological substrates of suffering. IW also hosts a podcast under the same name, where Jacob Shwartz-Lucas (IW’s Executive Director) interviews scientists on topics relevant to IW’s prioritization and research.

IW also manages the Joshua Cefalu Fund, a fund that “seeks to advance understanding of the biological basis for suffering, model its global distribution, and most effectively minimize it”.[1] The fund offers grants to research projects that further the fund's goal. The fund was created in partnership with the Joshua Cefalu Foundation and Henry George School of San Francisco.[1]

IW’s Director of Bioethics is philosopher David Pearce.[2]

Invincible Wellbeing. Official website.

Invincible Wellbeing. Invincible Wellbeing's podcast.

The Joshua Cefalu Fund. Invincible Wellbeing’s research fund.



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