Aadit Kamat

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Congrats on your new role, Andy! It is heart-warming to see how you have turned your pain into something so positive. 

When I first read this post, I felt conflicted because I've just joined as a contractor in a software engineering role at Visa. I was a little disappointed to see that it's not listed as one of the companies with the most EAs. 

However, I think people have different ways to contribute to EA, as you mentioned, and for now, I'll stick to earning to give. 

In October last year, I took the baby step of signing up for the Try Giving pledge rather than the GWWC pledge. I'll switch to the GWWC pledge once I feel comfortable with it. 

The culture of giving at Visa is encouraging, although I am unsure if the organizations covered by donations are effective. This is because I do not have access to the donation platform as a contractor. If I convert full-time, I am interested in starting a Workplace Group at Visa and focusing donations on effective organizations. Thanks a lot for this post!