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I work at 80,000 Hours, talking to people about their careers;  opinions I share here are my own.


This is so, so, so, wonderful! Thanks for organizing such a fantastic event, as well as sharing all this analysis/feedback/reflection. I want to go next year!!!!

So glad somebody is finally fixing Swapcard!

Any plans to have this printed on t shirts?

This so interesting, thanks for writing this up, Jess! As one of your 80k coworkers, I'm always blown away by how organized and detail oriented you are. Reading about your general approach to solving problems/mindset about your job; I'm not surprised that you're always trying to anticipate how to improve processes for the team, but it's still super impressive!

To others reading this post: I also endorse 80k as a cool place to work ;)

These are great things to check! It's especially important to do this kind of due diligence if you're leaving your support network behind (e.g. moving country). Thanks for spelling things out for people new to the job market ❤️

Thanks so much for sharing this, Michelle! It's always strange to visit our past selves, remembering who we used to be and thinking about all of the versions of ourselves we chose not to become. 

I'm glad you became who you are now ❤️

This is a really interesting question! Unfortunately, it was posted a little too late for me to run it by the team to answer. Hopefully other people interested in this topic can weigh in here. This 80k podcast episode might be relevant? https://80000hours.org/podcast/episodes/michael-webb-ai-jobs-labour-market/

This is an interesting idea! I don't know the answer. 

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