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Hello @AnnieAB thanks for bringing it up, I didn't submit any ideas in the end. Hope this helps!

We decided to extend the deadline until Saturday 27.5.23 11:59 PM UTC because we received only a little more than 20 different logo ideas so far. Hope this helps!

Yes, however my vote is just 25% as we're in a team of four people.

I added another field in case anyone wants to submit more than 5 different ideas in one turn.

Changed it, thanks for noting. You can add it now :)

Yes, that's basically our motivation. Thanks @Felix Wolf for explaining!

Thank you @Geoffrey Miller ! Yes, we expect some people will use Midjourney as a source for inspiration. However, we expect submissions to be vector graphic files (.SVG) as well.

Thanks for suggesting @RomanHauksson , so far something along the lines of approval voting for multiple winners seems favourable to me.