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Learning, Knowledge, Intelligence, Mastery, Anki - TYHTL post 2

Ah you're right actually, think I've stupidly been using "open source" as a synonym for free / non-proprietary. My point was that unlike Roam your notes aren't locked away in their system. Cheers for pointing out my mistake!! 

Open call for EAs with passion for meta-learning <3

Amazing, thanks for the comment! I'm definitely aiming to do some more foundational EA texts soon so keep an eye on the forum / subscribe to the newsletter on the website for updates :) Just time constrained currently!

A Case for Better Feeds

Wow, this website looks like a great resource, will definitely be returning to it!!

One thing to note is that a search bar would be really handy, and maybe an option to filter by date etc. And perhaps a really quick about page.

The method that can “prove” almost anything: A TED-Ed Lesson

Really enjoyed this video, explained the concept really well (as you'd expect with TED) - great work! 

Am I right that in the final part of the video when you reference the wider issues in science right now, this relates in part to the replication crisis, and maybe the idea of meta-science that I've seen floating around? Definitely want to read into this more, seems like a really interesting field/ movement.

2James Smith2moGlad that you enjoyed it. You are right on both counts. This is quite an easy overview of meta-research if you want a starting point: []

I'm on mobile now so struggling to fix but it you type into the URL you'll get there 😎

A Prototype Application for allocating people to Effective Projects

This looks awesome, that video is slick! I looked into getting into open source programming recently and people said a good thing is to check on GitHub for projects with certain tags i.e. "good first issue", and there were some websites dedicated to finding them i.e. here. That seems fairly similar to what you're thinking launching here. 

As it's a prototype, you might not have it fully fleshed out, but how would people add projects to the app? Would it be accessible via a browser? 

I think this could be an amazing resource for bringing EAs togethe... (read more)

1Hazelfire2moThanks a lot! If I was to flesh this out further, it would likely involve a way of proposing EA projects that we could then curate. The form would likely be accessible via the browser, but yes, it's currently just a very modest proof of concept. I've been seeing you around and have loved some of your posts! The project is meant to try and find both highly skilled but also beginners in EA. I'm not sure what direction it needs to go in, as I kind of want to talk to the people that have proposed this idea in the past to try and get their thoughts on what it should look like. I should probably get in contact with them soon.
Charity teaching people to learn & form knowledge effectively

I have considered this and set up a basic website with the idea of starting with free Zoom 1:1s (to iterate and learn), the moving to paid (for a low cost) 1:1s, then cohort, then one day corporations etc. My main dissuaders right now are startup cost, early investments, how to actually run a business etc. Definitely something I'm considering though! 

Definitely want to do some research into the potential impact of a corporation vs non-profit as mentioned in Linch's comment. I got briefly excited that "Charity Entrepreneurship" could provide a grant but they have specific problem areas - will look into other funding means for it as a non-profit venture...

4Khorton2moI think most people who aren't able to successfully run a business would also struggle to successfully run a charity - there's a lot of overlapping skills required. If I were considering donating I would want to feel confident the founding team had the relevant skills and experience!
Charity teaching people to learn & form knowledge effectively

Cheers for the reply! Some thoughts from your comment:

Target audience/ sectors where this would be most useful

I definitely agree that in general what I have in mind is academia/research-type fields as the sectors where this system would be especially useful, particularly in committing to memory new ideas from fields, research papers etc. Whilst I've had some success using flashcards to learn Python and some other comp sci-adjacent things, it's definitely the case that in programming your learn primarily by doing. I think the flashcards still help a great d... (read more)