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One of my classmates recently completed the challenge trial for Zika at Hopkins and is happy to answer any questions if you have any :)

Reach out to me if you want her contact!

I also have a fascination with this, and studied Neuroscience in my undergrad!

I recall a segment from an episode of Radiolab where Neuroscientist David Eagleman talks about the perception of time slowing down when you're falling. 

I also recall reading an essay from Oliver Sack's "River of Consciousness" that was about how people with Tourette's experience time slowed down so much so that they could catch a fly because it moves in their time. And I also vaguely recall reading that for people with Parkinson's, or maybe just older people, they estimate/perceive that time is moving slower than it is. 

Similar to you, I find that the feeling of slowing down time has to do with attention and creating distinct memories. It helps to have novelty, especially with travelling to new places that bring shared experiences with new people. Paying attention in order to write poetry puts me into the perfect space for slowing down time :)