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Things I recommend you buy and use.

Thanks a lot for such a comprehensive suggestion! I'd like to add that for coffee lovers (like me, ha-ha), it would be nice to have a reliable coffee machine, my favorites are pour over coffee  machines (like those mentioned: And maybe add some tea pots for tea lovers as well! 



Tips for overcoming low back pain

The reason people with arthritis are more likely to have sleep issues is likely due to several issues. Your levels of cortisol, a hormone that helps control inflammation, are lower at night. Lying down can cause inflammatory chemicals to pool in the fluid that cushions your joints, which makes them stiffen up. And your perception of pain may be heightened during the nighttime because you’re not distracted by anything else.

But just because painsomnia is normal and common doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Like Lackey, you have to find what works for you to... (read more)

Cost-Effectiveness of Air Purifiers against Pollution

That's a very nice article. Thanks a lot!

You've mentioned Honeywell 18155 ( )

"Amount of reduction: -55% in winter, -65% in summer"

Its coverage area is about 200 sqr.ft

I'm looking at the other model - HPA300 ( )

Its coverage area is twice bigger.

Question is: will the amount of reduction be lesser or bigger?


Open and Welcome Thread: August 2020

Hi there. I'm new here.

I hope to find a responsive community to share my ideas!

Have a nice day everyone,