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Senior Advisor at EA Berkeley.


I’m incredibly sorry about the negative experiences you and your friends have had. I think it would be beneficial to provide more detail about the “Lesswrong style Jedi mind tricks” if you feel comfortable. My guess (as a woman who has many rationalist male friends) is that a good number of men who don’t want to be predatory are are trying to figure out if they’ve unknowingly done something that could be making women uncomfortable. I think they would benefit from specifics here, so that they can avoid doing similar things in the future.

I haven’t had any rationalist-style issues specifically. But, I’ll list some specific behaviors that have been best at making me feel comfortable when asked out /hit on in ea:

  • People being extremely clear about consent about touching. Asking about things before they happen and, before asking, making it a point to say that they genuinely want you to say no if your answer is no.
  • Anyone who has a position of authority over me/recommending me for funding telling me the extent to which they would immediately be transparent to funders/teammates in the case that we did date. I think this is a part of informed consent around dating that’s often overlooked. Also making it directly clear that this will not affect my funding/opportunities. The other person saying this without me having to ask is very important and makes me feel much less overwhelmed by any power dynamic.

Oh sorry! Thank you for clarifying.

I'm not sure I understand which part of this post your comment is referring to

It's been a while since, but from what I remember, my questions were generally in the same range as the framing highlighted by user seanrson's above! 
I've also heard objections from people who've felt that predictions about AGI from biological anchors don't understand the biology of a brain well enough to be making calculations. Ajeya herself even caveats "Technical advisor Paul Christiano originally proposed this way of thinking about brain computation; neither he nor I have a background in neuroscience and I have not attempted to talk to neuroscientists about this. To the extent that neuroscientists who talk about “brain computation” have a specific alternative definition of this in mind, this proposal may not line up well with their way of thinking about it; this might make it more hazardous to rely as much as I do on evidence Joe gathered from discussions with neuroscientists."

Hi! Yes, I created a 6-week reading guide with discussion questions, quotes, recommended readings, and a "take action" section with more resources. 

Thank you! I'm super glad to hear about modifications going wrong! I can make that more explicit on the website. 

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