Arjun Khemani

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I’m Arjun Khemani, currently a (highly nonconventional) high school student with an insatiable yearning to understand the world. I write about science, philosophy and the human condition. I have a blog and podcast.

You can reach out to me on Twitter.


Two of the most interesting problems for me at the moment are the current state of the education system and the Mars problem -- both of which I intend to work towards bringing a solution for!

More broadly, a problem that is philosophically appealing is the problem of problems itself. Why not solve that? 


I'm Arjun Khemani, a student in high school. I have a blog and podcast that revolves around science, philosophy and the human condition.

Signing up for the Forum had long since been an overdue after hearing all its incredible comments! But I'm glad to be here now.

Problems of interest to me include changing the way education is done and making humanity a multi-planetary species. 

Looking forward to having interesting discussions on doing the best we can.

You can DM me on Twitter. (I love meeting new people!)