CEO/Founder @ Vulpine Labs Inc.
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I'm a kitsune otherkin, non-binary, with a thing for developing gene editing tools for everyone to benefit. Freedom of Form (including freedoms of health, adaptation, morphology and cognition) is my passion and my life's goal. I've been pursuing it since 2008. BSc Biochemistry, Uni. Southampton, 2016. Shi/hir or they/them. 

Likes: open source everything, hackerspaces, tea, 3D printing, furries, computers, cycling, electric cars, gene editing systems design, puzzle games

Dislikes: climate change itself, people who deny it, diseases, aging, missed opportunities to get to the root cause of a problem, people who would rather not solve these things, shooting and horror games or movies.

How others can help me

I seek connections and investors for ramping up my startup company, Vulpine Labs Inc. I need to free up my time from searching for investment in order to focus on the actual systems design engineering and planning. I would like help in applying my skills and altruistic intentions in the most effective ways.

How I can help others

I can help you to understand the type of gene editing I have in mind and how it generally works. I welcome the opportunity to explain freedom of form to a wider audience. I recognise my limitations in explaining why I am a kitsune otherkin, but effectively, I am here for altruistic purposes. In the event of full success, my company will positively disrupt multiple trillions of dollars of industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, making healthcare preventative, personalised and more painless both literally and financially. Countless lives can be improved and saved.


I don't see any mention in this article of directly modifying the DNA of the living cells in-vivo of an adult human as per their own desires to cure genetic problems, to adapt the body to extremes and/or to personalise the body to better represent the individual's choices. Is this something to consider in a subsequent revision perhaps? I would be happy to assist in terms of the principles and general design of how it would work.